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#askNat – concerning the differences between the U.K. and U.S. Beatles albums released in the sixties

This week’s #askNat question comes from Steve Levine of San Francisco and here is what he’s written in: Why were the Beatles albums issued in the U.S. not the same as the ones issues in the U.K.? Always wondered… Thank you. Thanks for writing in Steve. It’s a very valid questing with an answer that […]

#askNat – concerning the lost recordings of The Beatles

For this week on #askNat I want to respond to a message I received from Keith Malkowski from Milwaukee, WI. Keith wrote to me back in late January and due to my backlog of questions am only getting to it now – so thank you for your patience Keith! Anyway, here is what he’s sent […]

#askNat – concerning the title for Beatles For Sale

As most already know, every week here on The Beatles Rarity, I do a thing called “#askNat,” where someone who has sent me in a Beatles-related question gets to have my answer back to them shared with everyone here. The message I’ve pulled up for this week comes from Robert Laszlo. I usually mention where […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Money (That’s What I Want)” (Saturday Club performance, 1964)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. One week before The Beatles flew to Paris for a scheduled gig at the Olympia Theatre, they managed to whip out another set of recordings for the BBC program Saturday Club. The date was January 7th, 1964 and the group convened at the Playhouse Theatre in London […]

#askNat – concerning songs by The Beatles on 45rpm

This week on #askNat I’m responding to Ted Mills from Santa Barbara, CA. I’ve gathered by Ted’s inquiry that he apparently prefers to listen to his Beatles music on 45 rpm vinyl. For you under-12s that means the smaller (7-inch discs) that play at the faster speed. I realize that most reading realize that but […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Hold Me Tight” (Takes 22-24)

I’m proud to announce that this week makes seven years for BROW and to show for it I have several hundred unique Beatles rarities that have appeared on the site over this period and every one of them can still be accessed to listen to right here. Thanks to everyone reading for making The Beatles […]