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Tag Archives: Wings

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Thank You Darling” (Red Rose Speedway out-take, 1972)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. Paul McCartney was born on June 18th, 1942 and since he is “coming up” on birthday #72 (can you believe it?!), he will be the star of this week’s BROW. Paul’s contributions to music over the past 50+ years are nothing short of staggering but there’s no […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Wild Life” (Wings Live in 1973)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. During the final days of The Beatles, Paul McCartney had tried to get his fellow bandmates interested in doing live shows once again. While 1967 and 1968 had been a good break from the madness that had been touring, the Beatlemania thing was over and Paul can […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Wrack My Brain” (alternate mix)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. In 1980, our two oldest Beatles turned forty years of age. To honor the occasion John Lennon, who had only recently began recording again after a five-year break, wrote a song for Ringo Starr called “Life Begins At 40.” Remembering songs Ringo had sang with The Beatles […]

Next in line for Paul McCartney’s Archive Collection – Venus and Mars & Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Status update on this given here. On June 17th, 2014 the next two installments in the remaster series The Paul McCartney Archive Collection will be arriving. Continuing with the Wings period in the seventies, Concord Music Group will issue both the 1975 album Venus And Mars (click here for original track listing) and the 1976 […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “On The Wings Of A Nightingale” (demo)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. On January 3, 2014, Phil Everly of Everly Brothers fame died of complications with emphysema and bronchitis just before turning 75 years old. The Everly Brothers, consisting of Phil and his brother Don got their big break as musicians during the same year that a 16-year old […]

#askNat – concerning Sir George Martin’s career in the music industry

For this week on #askNat we are hearing from Jacob Kemp in Santa Barbara, CA who has sent in this message: I was wondering about George Martin and his producing career post-Beatles. Who else did he work with? Any solo Beatles work? How involved was he in the Anthology and 2009 remaster releases? Didn’t he […]