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Beatles Rarity of the Week – “A Case Of The Blues” (1968 demo)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. This time around I’m focusing on December 1968 when a few changes indicative of the years to come were occurring in The Beatles’ universe. While Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen were settling in at their newly purchased home Brookfields, a house in Elstead U.K. they had […]

#askNat – concerning the sound of the old Beatles vinyl vs. the new

This week’s #askNat question comes from Tony in South Carolina who wants to know how the 2009 stereo remastered Beatles catalog compares to the earlier vinyl box set The Beatles Collection (commonly known as The Blue Box or by its catalog number BC-13) that was released in 1978. BC-13 contained the following UK LPs: Please […]

#askNat – concerning why The Beatles passed over George Harrison’s “Not Guilty”

This week’s #askNat question comes from Jason Eagan of Nashville, TN and here is what he has to say: Nat, This one may have been answered before. I have read several reasons why The Beatles abandoned George Harrison’s “Not Guilty” in 1968 and it was not included on the White Album. The guitars are amazing and […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Oh My Love” (alternate take)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. John Lennon’s Imagine album was his first to top the album charts in both the U.S. and U.K. during his post-Beatles period. In a magazine interview for Melody Maker, John maintained the album was just as political as his previous album, John Lennon/Plastic One Band, calling it […]

#askNat – concerning “Revolution” vs. “Revolution 1”

Hello all. This week’s #askNat leads me to a question sent in from Geoff Bado of Philadelphia who writes: Hey Nat! Goes without saying that I love the site. Question about “Revolution” – The story about the slow version and how it blended into “Revolution 9” is well known. And we all know that John Lennon […]

#askNat – concerning The Beatles’ own preferences on their mono vs. stereo catalog

This week on #askNat I’m responding to Tyler from Holland Michigan who writes: My concern is about Beatles’ mono/stereo album preferences, as there are conflicting pieces of information regarding this subject that truly makes me curious. 1) I have read many times online that The Beatles preferred their mono releases instead of stereo, up to […]