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Next in line for Paul McCartney’s Archive Collection – Venus and Mars & Wings At The Speed Of Sound

On June 17th, 2014 the next two installments in the remaster series The Paul McCartney Archive Collection will be arriving. Continuing with the Wings period in the seventies, Concord Music Group will issue both the 1975 album Venus And Mars (click here for original track listing) and the 1976 album Wings At The Speed Of […]

#askNat – concerning Paul & Linda McCartney’s “Brung To Ewe By”

This time around on #askNat I’m covering a recurring line of inquiries that recently was brought to my attention again. This time it was from site regular Bob Dudek in Roselle, NJ. Bob’s message says: What do you know about the Ram promo called Brung To Ewe By? Brung To Ewe By was a promotional […]

#askNat – concerning the Paul McCartney & Wings “Nashville” sessions

This week on #askNat I respond to Tom Kelly in Cameron, Texas who has sent me this message: I am interested in the Paul McCartney & Wings recording sessions in Nashville during the early 70s.  Do bootlegs or complete recordings of these sessions exist?  What is the story behind the sessions?  And what about “Sally G?” Thanks for […]

#askNat – concerning unlisted tracks on Beatles and post-Beatles releases

I have to say that I can’t believe that #askNat is already one year old! I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about the idea when I started it up back in May 2012. Despite how many various questions about “all-things-Beatle” I was getting beforehand, I just wasn’t sure if I’d get enough to […]

#askNat – concerning why John Lennon thought Ram offensive

This time around on #askNat, I’m delving into the observations and question presented by Elliott Marx of Chatsworth, CA who has this to say: Ram is my favorite Beatles solo album. It is just about perfect. But John Lennon seems to have felt different about the matter. In fact, he had always claimed that the […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Heather” (improvisation, 1968)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. The lively instrumental piece included on Paul McCartney’s 2001 album Driving Rain and written for his second wife, is not the only song by him that goes by the name “Heather.” Paul’s other “Heather” came into the picture when his late sixties relationship with Linda Eastman began […]