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Tag Archives: Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles in Mono 14-LP vinyl box set due out on September 9, 2014

The long-awaited mono counterpart to the 16-LP stereo Beatles album collection of remasters issued in November 2012 is finally here – or at least will be on September 9th. The Beatles’ official website explains that while the Beatles in Mono CD box set was remastered with digital technology in 2009, the vinyl for the new […]

#askNat – concerning why The Beatles released so many albums

It’s time for another week’s #askNat and I have an interesting question this week that comes from Michael Mincey of Texas. He says: Nat, While I’m grateful for The Beatles releasing so many albums, I’ve always wondered why they (and other bands) recorded so frequently.  Was it in their contracts with record companies, the artistic flow […]

The U.S. Albums Box Set – A final word on mixes used

This past week as the new Beatles box set The U.S. Albums was coming out, I published a little comparison of 37 tracks and whether certain aspects matched up with the versions heard on the original U.S. releases (see here). After word got out that this collection of 13 U.S. Beatles albums would largely be […]

#askNat – concerning the edit of “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Thursdays are #askNat days here on The Beatles Rarity. This is where I take on a Beatles-related question sent in from anyone out there who has something that they are wondering about within the Beatles’ universe. For this week I also want to wish all Americans who are reading this entry when it’s new, a […]

#askNat – concerning a longer version of “Flying”

It’s time for another in the #askNat series and this week I’ve got a message from Patrick Flynn in Washington, DC that I want to share. Read on: Nat: I recently came across two “extended” versions of “Flying” on YouTube. One 9.5 minutes long and one almost 12 minutes long. Are these actual alternate extended […]

#askNat – concerning John, Paul & George as drummers

On #askNat this week I’m getting to a follow-up question from James Dryden in Los Angeles whose previous question pertained to instances where John Lennon or George Harrison played bass on a Beatles recording instead of Paul McCartney, who customarily handles that instrument (see that post here). This time James wants to know about instances […]