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Tag Archives: Introducing The Beatles

Collector’s Corner – The Beatles get featured on Capitol’s Star Line Series in 1965

  This time on Collector’s Corner I’m going into some details on Capitol Record’s series of singles called The Star Line and the first Beatles singles that were released in the series. These singles have become fairly collectible and therefore just the right thing to discuss on Collector’s Corner. 9 people think this is FAB! […]

#askNat – concerning a few things about “A Taste Of Honey”

This week on #askNat we are hearing from Stew Hall in Phoenix, AZ who writes: Hi Nat, Not sure if this one’s been asked yet… What do you know about “A Taste Of Honey?” Was it Paul McCartney’s idea or Brian Epstein’s to record and play it live, since it was recently on the hit […]

#askNat – concerning the Hey Jude album and Paul McCartney with Dave Stewart

Hello and welcome to this week’s #askNat. This week I have a question from a used record shop dealer in Pittsboro, North Carolina. His name is Myles Friedman and this is what he’s written me: I need your expertise. A customer brought me a record that I didn’t think existed – The Beatles Again (aka […]

Collector’s Corner: “She Loves You” – The Beatles on the Swan label

This time in the Collector’s Corner the focus turns to the “She Loves You” single released in America on Philadelphia’s Swan label, first on September 16th, 1963, and then re-issued in January 1964. At the time, The Beatles had only recently gone from being the hot new act on the British Isles to being the […]

#askNat – concerning Dave Dexter Jr. and the Canadian Beatles LPs

On #askNat this week I’m responding to a great question from Rick in Canada who has questions about the early Beatles releases in his country: Hi, I’m a 60 year old Canadian musician, and have a lot of Beatles records. I just have a few questions. Releases like the Canadian only LPs, Beatlemania! With The […]

#askNat – concerning Vee-Jay mixes used and ‘rabbits’

Hope everyone celebrating the U.S. holiday has had a happy 4th of July and welcome now to July’s first #askNat entry. Email subscriber Rick Kelly in California writes: Hi Nat, hope all is well. I had a question regarding two albums – The Beatles and Frank Ifield On Stage & The Beatles Vs. The Four […]