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Tag Archives: Get Back Sessions

#askNat – concerning Billy Preston on Abbey Road

Hello and welcome to another in the #askNat series. This happens each Thursday here at TheBeatlesRarity.com and is where I answer a Beatles-related question sent in by anyone who happens to send one in. This week I have a question here from Phill Boylett from the U.K. who has this to say: Hi Nat, My […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Don’t Let Me Down” (second rooftop performance)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. I’ve always felt that it was a blatant omission to leave “Don’t Let Me Down” off of the Let It Be album. After all, it was one of the key songs worked on during the Get Back Sessions of January 1969, the source of the other tracks […]

#askNat – concerning varying styles on “Two Of Us”

This week on #askNat I have a question from Keith Giosa from Philadelphia PA who writes: Hey, Nat! I’ve been wanting to ask this question for some time and given the recent discussion about alternate bass players and someone bringing up “Two of Us,” I thought it was as good a time to ask as […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Jealous Guy” (alternate take, 1971)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. During early to mid-July 1971 while working on his Imagine album, John Lennon recorded “Jealous Guy,” which although was never released as a single during his lifetime, went on to be one of his most well-known songs. But “Jealous Guy” actually had beginnings much earlier than the […]

#askNat – concerning when George Harrison composed the tracks on “All Things Must Pass”

This time around on #askNat, Brian Downey from Raleigh, NC has this to say: Love your site Nat! My question is this: It seems that for the All Things Must Pass album George Harrison wrote a large number of songs in a very short time. Were these songs written during his time with The Beatles […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “One After 909″ (loose rehearsals, 1969)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. It was in the afternoon on January 28th, 1969 when this weeks feature was recorded and only one more full day left before The Beatles would culminate the Get Back sessions with their legendary unexpected lunch hour performance on the roof of Apple Headquarters in downtown London. […]