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Tag Archives: Gary Hein

Collector’s Corner – The Beatles get featured on Capitol’s Star Line Series in 1965

  This time on Collector’s Corner I’m going into some details on Capitol Record’s series of singles called The Star Line and the first Beatles singles that were released in the series. These singles have become fairly collectible and therefore just the right thing to discuss on Collector’s Corner. 9 people think this is FAB! […]

Collector’s Corner – “Unfinished Music No. 1 – Two Virgins”

This time on Collector’s Corner I’m taking a close look at John Lennon’s first recorded project outside of the context of The Beatles, which was done in 1968 with his new girlfriend, Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono. And, by the way, if nudity offends you, you may not want to scroll down very […]

Collector’s Corner: “The Beatles” (aka The White Album)

This time around on Collector’s Corner, I’m discussing the 1968 double album set The Beatles known more commonly as The White Album because of it’s plain white cover. The number 9 seems to loom large within the subject matter as it is not only the ninth studio album by The Beatles (U.K. catalog and not […]

Collector’s Corner – “Jolly What! The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage” (Vee-Jay ‘flop’ becomes highly coveted collector’s item)

During Vee-Jay Records’ mad scramble to get as much Beatles product out while they still could, the troubled US record label came up with an idea for a new LP release for February 1964. Jolly What! The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage was a curious collection of tracks that I will discuss here, beginning […]

Collector’s Corner – The “Love Me Do” single on Parlophone – The Beatles begin an incredible recording career

Excluding the January 5, 1962, Polydor “My Bonnie” single release (Polydor NH 66833 in the U.K.), where The Beatles were only backing musicians for Tony Sheridan, “Love Me Do” was the first song to be released by The Beatles. It was issued first as a U.K. single coupled with “P.S. I Love You” on EMI’s […]

Collector’s Corner – U.S. Decca 1962 “My Bonnie” single…the first Beatles appearance on American vinyl

While the last Collector’s Corner article covered the first time The Beatles were credited on an American vinyl record, this article covers an even earlier U.S. disc that has The Beatles playing “My Bonnie” with lead singer/guitarist Tony Sheridan as the front man. The artist was credited as Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers. This […]