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Tag Archives: Brian Epstein

#askNat – Paul McCartney’s chipped tooth

This week on #askNat I’m addressing a question from “Rock Singer” from Osaka, Japan, who writes: I get great enjoyment out of reading your weekly blog. My question is: Why did they go ahead and film the videos for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain” after Paul McCartney’s motorcycle accident causing his fat lip & chipped tooth? […]

#askNat – concerning a man who turned down Brian Epstein’s offer to join The Beatles

This week on #askNat I’m addressing a question sent in from George Gangi of New Jersey. Here is what George has to say: Nat, Much has been written about the “other” Beatles – Pete Best and Stu Sutcliff – and less about temporary members like Andy White and Jimmie Nichol. But I remember reading a […]

#askNat – concerning Brian Epstein’s influence on The Beatles’ interactions with the press

This week’s #askNat inquiry comes from Dave in Lubbock, Texas who says: Nat, I love your page and especially enjoy reading what fans are asking about the lads. We have all heard the story about how The Beatles were told not to speak on the Vietnam War, but there are so many other things they […]

#askNat – concerning if The Beatles referenced Hamburg in any of their songs

Hello and welcome to the next in the #askNat series. David Attar from Toronto, Canada is the source of this week’s message which goes like this: Hey Nat, I’ve always wondered why the Beatles didn’t reference Hamburg in any of their songs, especially since it was a very influential part of their lives and career. […]

#askNat – concerning The Beatles Christmas Shows of 1963-64

For this time around on #askNat I’ve pulled up another email message from Phil Boylett in the U.K. who has this to say: Hi Nat. Many thanks for answering my question about Billy Preston’s involvement in the Abbey Road album a little while ago. My new questions concerns the special Christmas shows that The Beatles […]

Jonathan Meine discusses OxTango Music’s Star Club Remasters

Intro… OxTango Music is releasing a newly-remastered 2-CD set of The Beatles recordings made at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany in December, 1962. The sound of what was originally low-fidelity recordings made while testing the PA system at the venue is improved to a point that I personally never thought possible. I spoke on […]