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Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Paperback Writer” (live at Budokan, 1966)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. The Beatles did five shows in Tokyo during their 1966 tour and the first two of these were recorded on videotape for television broadcast. The first was the evening show from June 30, 1966 and began around 6:30pm at the Nippon Budokan Hall. The audio recording was […]

#askNat – concerning a fantasy Beatles album release in the fall of 1970

This week on #askNat we take a journey into a parallel time where The Beatles had no official breakup in 1970. The question comes from long-time friend and frequent visitor of TheBeatlesRarity.com, Robin Raven of Holland. Here is his inquiry: Hello Nat. I always wondered what a Beatles album in the fall of 1970 would […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “The Beatles Movie Medley” (a sort of ‘forgotten’ single)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. After The Beatles went their separate ways in 1970, it took 3 years before any more new and legitimate Beatles releases hit the stores. The success of the long-overdue “Red” and “Blue” collections (i.e. The Beatles 1962-1966 2-LP set and its companion 1967-1970 compilation) brought into focus […]

#askNat – concerning why The Beatles passed over George Harrison’s “Not Guilty”

This week’s #askNat question comes from Jason Eagan of Nashville, TN and here is what he has to say: Nat, This one may have been answered before. I have read several reasons why The Beatles abandoned George Harrison’s “Not Guilty” in 1968 and it was not included on the White Album. The guitars are amazing and […]

#askNat – concerning the track selection of the Let It Be album

This week’s #askNat inquiry comes from John Wells of Boston who has this to say: Hi Nat, I have a question about the songs that ended up on what we now know as the Get Back/Let It Be album(s). We know that in January 1969 The Beatles were contemplating a live show, and were rehearsing […]

Beatles Rarity of the Week – “Well Darling” (‘Beatals’ 1960 home rehearsal)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. I know most reading will be familiar with The Beatles’ recording of “Oh! Darling” but less will know about the similarly titled “Well Darling.” The story with this one goes back to April 1960, well before The Beatles were out of their teen-age years. In fact, it […]