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Tag Archives: BBC

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Love Me Do” (unreleased Pop Go The Beatles performance)

Hello and welcome to this week’s Beatles Rarity of the Week, affectionately known as the BROW in more familiar circles. What a big year 1963 was for The Beatles. It was the first year that the British Isles discovered that they had a hot new group on their hands. By May of that year, the […]

#askNat – concerning if The Beatles referenced Hamburg in any of their songs

Hello and welcome to the next in the #askNat series. David Attar from Toronto, Canada is the source of this week’s message which goes like this: Hey Nat, I’ve always wondered why the Beatles didn’t reference Hamburg in any of their songs, especially since it was a very influential part of their lives and career. […]

#askNat – concerning The Beatles Christmas Shows of 1963-64

For this time around on #askNat I’ve pulled up another email message from Phil Boylett in the U.K. who has this to say: Hi Nat. Many thanks for answering my question about Billy Preston’s involvement in the Abbey Road album a little while ago. My new questions concerns the special Christmas shows that The Beatles […]

#askNat – concerning how Apple obtained the BBC recordings made by The Beatles

Hello everyone! This week on #askNat we are hearing from Rene Ramirez in Cypress, CA who has this to say: With the release of Live At The BBC & On Air: Live At The BBC Vol. 2, I would like to know where Apple got these recordings, since I read somewhere that the BBC didn’t […]

#askNat – concerning whatever happened to Jimmie Nicol after his time with The Beatles

Hello and welcome to another week’s installment of #askNat. Just like it sounds, #askNat is where people ask me, Happy Nat, a Beatles-related question and I throw up a response each Thursday. This week I have a question from Carl Quatraro from Fairlawn Ohio, who says: Has anyone asked about the whereabouts of Ringo stand-in, […]

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Mind Games” (early home demo)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. The title of this week’s BROW may be somewhat misleading in the sense that at the time of this early demo, the song was not even close lyrically to the song we came to know as “Mind Games” a few years later. Although “Mind Games” was released […]