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Tag Archives: All Things Must Pass

Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “You” (early out-take version, 1970)

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. A look at the early output of The Beatles makes it quite apparent that they held a high regard for the American soul/Rhythm & Blues (R&B) genre of the late fifties and early sixties. With covers on their first two albums such as Arthur Alexander’s “Anna (Go […]

#askNat – concerning “Youngblood” performance at The Concert for Bangla Desh”

This week’s #askNat question comes from Facebook friend Brian Kelly of Oneonta, New York. So let’s jump right in and see what Brian has to say: I’ve been chatting with Dennis Mitchell (of Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles) for the last year or so and we’ve been discussing something and I’d like your input […]

#askNat – concerning when George Harrison composed the tracks on “All Things Must Pass”

This time around on #askNat, Brian Downey from Raleigh, NC has this to say: Love your site Nat! My question is this: It seems that for the All Things Must Pass album George Harrison wrote a large number of songs in a very short time. Were these songs written during his time with The Beatles […]

#askNat – concerning a Sgt. Pepper wedding (?)

For #askNat this week I’ve been contacted by Gary Walker of Bluff City, Tennessee who has this to say: Nat, When George Harrison married Olivia, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were there. It is said that the three surviving Beatles started playing “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  Is this true? If so, is there a recording […]

#askNat – concerning Jeff Lynne and bands considered ‘Beatlesque’

Welcome to the last in the #askNat series for 2012. I started “#askNat” up back in May (2012) on sort of a trial basis and it seems to have gone well so far. This week Elliott Marx from Chatsworth CA is back with this to say: I view the relationship that George Harrison developed with […]

#askNat – concerning the “Apple Scruffs” harmonica & the Capitol Albums box sets

This time around on #askNat I’m knocking out two questions. The first one came from The Beatles Rarity Facebook site and is from Michael Nieradka who asks: Who plays harmonica on Apple Scruffs? “Apple Scruffs,” for those of you who don’t recognize the title is a song on George Harrison’s 1970 blockbuster triple-album set All […]