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Tag Archives: A Hard Day’s Night

#askNat – concerning why The Beatles released so many albums

It’s time for another week’s #askNat and I have an interesting question this week that comes from Michael Mincey of Texas. He says: Nat, While I’m grateful for The Beatles releasing so many albums, I’ve always wondered why they (and other bands) recorded so frequently.  Was it in their contracts with record companies, the artistic flow […]

The U.S. Albums Box Set – A final word on mixes used

This past week as the new Beatles box set The U.S. Albums was coming out, I published a little comparison of 37 tracks and whether certain aspects matched up with the versions heard on the original U.S. releases (see here). After word got out that this collection of 13 U.S. Beatles albums would largely be […]

The U.S. Albums Box Set – A comparison with the original Capitol releases

See an update to this information here. Last week I announced a few details about the upcoming 13-CD box set The U.S. Albums (full article here). I explained there how and why Apple has – at least for the most part – created each album by re-sequencing the remasters issued in 2009 instead of using […]

The U.S. Albums box set – a more detailed look

  Last month I announced here that on January 20, 2014 (Jan. 21 in U.S.), Apple will release The US Albums – a new Beatles 13-CD box set that contains mono and stereo versions of all of the unique Capitol albums released by The Beatles. Since then, The Beatles Rarity Headquarters has been inundated with […]

Two new Beatles Releases are quickly on their way (hear 9 audio previews)

  First off, coming up on December 17, 2013, an Itunes exclusive collection of over two hours of Beatles music from 1963 that was previously only available via the bootleg market. It’s titled Bootleg Recordings 1963. Tracks 16-57 are taken from BBC radio recordings that were not issued on either Apple compilation (Live At The […]

#askNat – concerning the Hey Jude album and Paul McCartney with Dave Stewart

Hello and welcome to this week’s #askNat. This week I have a question from a used record shop dealer in Pittsboro, North Carolina. His name is Myles Friedman and this is what he’s written me: I need your expertise. A customer brought me a record that I didn’t think existed – The Beatles Again (aka […]