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The Last Waltz [Do another search]

Artist: The Band/Ringo Starr/Various Artists
Full-length CD, 4 discs – Official release
Original release date: Apr 26, 1978
CD release date: Apr 23, 2002
Catalog number: R2 78278
Record label: Rhino
Copies in collection: 1

Ringo Starr plays drums on tracks listed below from disk 3 of this box set. Other tracks by various artists.

Track listing

No. Track Time
8 I Shall Be Released 0:04:49
9 ‘Jam #1’ 0:05:31
10 ‘Jam #2’ 0:09:10

Essential Tracks

“Essential” tracks are merely a guide as to where the best quality recording of a given track can be found in Happy Nat’s collection. This album – The Last Waltz – for instance, is the best place to get the following tracks:

Track Composer Vocals Time
‘Jam #1’ S/N Young, R Wood, E Clapton, P Butterfield Instrumental 0:05:31
‘Jam #2’ S/N Young, R Wood, E Clapton, P Butterfield Instrumental 0:09:10
I Shall Be Released Dylan Bob Dylan/Richard Manuel 0:04:49


45: 7-inch single / BRD: Blu-Ray disc / CD: compact disc / CDs: CD single / DLC: Downloaded content
DS: 12-inch single / DVD: digital video disc / EP: extended-play album / GD: Game disc / LP: long-playing album