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Collector’s Corner

Happy Nat w/1st State Mono Yesterday And Today 'Butcher Cover' album

Happy Nat w/1st State Mono Yesterday And Today 'Butcher Cover' album

The Collector’s Corner is a special place set up for articles describing a rare collectible Beatles-related release straight from the Happy Nat collection. Each entry is complete with background information, why it’s rare, if it’s valuable and, if so, how valuable. And there’s lots of photos. Read about the “butcher cover” and other such gems here. For more information about the Collector’s Corner, read the initial announcement put out about it here. To browse/read about one of the releases already covered, choose one by clicking on it in the list below. To read all of them, click here.


How much is your record worth?
Information about value for individual records covered in these articles are given within the write-ups (linked below). For additional questions about value/authenticity for these or other Beatles items please contact one of these dealers:

  1. Gary Hein: Telephone Gary at (US) (732) 219-1988 or visit him online at www.beatles4me.com or email him directly at GaryMHein@comcast.net.
  2. Perry Cox: Email Perry at perrydcox@aol.com.
  3. Rockaway Records: Visit them online at www.rockaway.com.

Information on grading the condition of your vinyl records (so that value can be established) is here.


Collector’s Corner articles by Happy Nat:

  • The Beatles (aka ‘The White Album’) – Numbered editions and beyond of The Beatles’ first album on the Apple label. Issued under various catalog numbers over the years first on Apple and later on Parlophone and Capitol.
  • The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage (Vee Jay VJLP 1085) – This Vee Jay ‘flop’ became a highly coveted collector’s item and the “Portrait cover” version of it is the rarest of all of the Vee Jay albums.
  • The Beatles Christmas Album (U.S.) (SBC 100) – One week before Christ­mas Day, 1970, mem­bers of The Beatles Official Fan Club received in their mailboxes an entire vinyl album containing seven special Christmas messages from the group to their fans. The disc was a compilation, accumulating all of the individual Christmas me­ssages that had been distributed each year to the fan club between 1963 and 1969. Since it was only issued within the fan club, authentic copies have become quite rare.
  • Introducing The Beatles (Vee-Jay VJLP 1062) – Early in the initial onslaught of Beatlemania in America, this album was the first U.S. Beatles album (released about 10 days before Capitol’s Meet The Beatles)and it did exactly what it’s title suggests for millions of people. Some pressings are now quite rare. It is the world’s most counterfeited album.
  • Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You (Parlophone R 4949) – A detailed look at the first issuance on the British “Love Me Do” single.
  • My Bonnie/The Saints (Decca 31382) – While VJ 498 (below) was the first time The Beatles were credited on an American vinyl record, this Decca My Bonnie single is an even earlier U.S. disc that has The Beatles playing with lead singer/guitarist Tony Sheridan as the front man. The artist was credited as Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers. It was released in very limited quantities on April 11, 1962 and is now one of the scarcest Beatles records in existence.
  • The Oldies label – The Beatles’ “Oldies” singles – In August 1964, Vee-Jay Records released four Beatles singles on their “Oldies” label. Many counterfeit and unauthorized pressings of the records were made after Vee-Jay’s October 1964 deadline on manufacturing Beatles records. Find out more about this highly collectible series of discs and how to tell whether or not your copy(ies) are authentic.
  • Please Please Me/Ask Me Why (Vee-Jay VJ 498) – This was the first single released in America credited to The Beatles (although initial labels spelled the bands name incorrectly). It was released in February 1963 and no one was interested. It was quickly lost to obscurity, re-issued with a new number 11 months later, making originals now very collectible.
  • The Savage Young Beatles (Savage BM 69) – It’s of dubious origin, nevertheless the Savage record is a serious collector’s item. Issued in a couple of outer jacket variations in 1965 (the yellow and the very rare orange).
  • She Loves You/I’ll Get You (Swan S-4152) – The “She Loves You” single was released in America on Philadelphia’s Swan label on September 16th, 1963 and then re-issued in January 1964 as Beatlemania was taking hold. The reissue was a number one hit for a couple weeks proving that the timing was everything. The white-labeled first pressings of 1963 have become highly collectible.
  • The Star Line series (Capitol’s first 6 Beatles singles in the series) – The Star Line began in 1962 by Capitol and was their vehicle for re-releasing older hits by their biggest sellers. In October 1965, six Beatles singles were issued on the label and have since become quite collectible. Here I give details concerning why certain songs were selected for the singles as well as why they have become so rare. Of course, I’ll cover what they are worth now as well. It’s sure to be of interest to you discography nuts out there.
  • Unfinished Music No. 1 – Two Virgins – John Lennon’s first recorded project outside of the context of The Beatles, and what a stir it caused! Read more about what this release was all about.
  • Yesterday And Today (Capitol T/ST 2553) – Everything you wanted to know about this June 1966 LP release in America, that caused quite a stir over the controversial “Butcher Cover” that fronted the first and now, quite rare, copies.