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About this site…

The Beatles Rarity
c/o Happy Nat
PO Box 63
Erwin, TN 37650

Disclaimer: Please note that it is not the intent of this site to trade, share or otherwise offer any of the audio or video content that is featured. In fact, downloading of these files has been disabled. The sharing of music on this site is merely for the appreciation of the historical phenomenon of The Beatles and their performances, and is to be limited to listening and/or viewing only while visiting the site. Please do not contact TheBeatlesRarity.com to ask for any personal copies of sound or video files or to buy or trade any unauthorized media. Additionally, please note that this is a personal web site in no way affiliated with The Beatles or any of their former members or any business interests that they may be associated with.

Hello, my name is Happy Nat. There’s lots to see, hear and read on TheBeatlesRarity for both the casual and die-hard Beatles fans. Various notification/subscription options including email, RSS, Podcast page, Facebook, Google + and Twitter are all accessible at the upper right sidebar. For adding yourself to the mailing list just type your email address in the space provided in the right sidebar (just below Happy Nat’s Disc of the Moment).

What follows is my best general description of most of what you’ll see here:

1) BROW (i.e The Beatles Rarity Of The Week) – These are published on the site each Monday to get your week off to a good start. The BROW is where I take on the attitude that you can find the mainstream Beatles and solo-Beatles hits anywhere, but once a week or so, you might want to hear something that is a little more out of the ordinary. And if you still have come across the particular variation of a song I post, then maybe it’s been awhile, because it’s not on the radio or as easily found in stores anywhere. I started BROW back in 2007 and all of them are right here on this site. It is a means of sharing with other Beatles fans from my growing collection of 10,130 recordings. The tracks are considered rare because they are have either been out of circulation for some time, were never in circulation in the first place but only available on unofficial recordings, or other reasons. The sources stem from live concert performances, television appearances, studio outtakes and more. The BROW will feature not only Beatles-era recordings but also recordings from any of their individual post-Beatles careers and even pre-Beatles recordings. Along with the music, there will also be a little discussion to put things into the proper perspective. Just click Rarities in the navigation bar on the top of the page to see a listing by song title of all rarities posted on the site. From there you can simply click and play or read more about them. I take requests for future BROWs too. It only has to be something somewhat rare that one or more Beatles is playing on. Just click Contact in the top navigation bar and let me hear from you.

2) #askNat – Every Thursday I will share selected Beatles-related questions I’ve received from site readers and answer these as best I can and open it up for further discussion via comments from you. For more on #askNat click the link in the top navigation bar (or click here). To send me your own question for use on #askNat, just click here and tell me what’s on your mind.

3) Collector’s Corner – These are articles coming out from time to time describing a rare collectible Beatles-related release straight from the Happy Nat collection. It is complete with background information, why it’s rare, if it’s valuable and, if so, how valuable. And there’s lots of photos. Read about the “butcher cover” and other such gems here. Just click Collector’s Corner in the navigation bar on the top of the page to check these out.

4) Interviews – I have had the pleasure of chatting with some interesting Beatle-people since beginning this website. In a couple cases, the interview was recorded by me but done by my friend Judith Kristen (author of A Date With A Beatle). There are one or two celebrity-status individuals that I have been able to talk to including Denny Laine (of Paul McCartney & Wings fame) and Brian Ray who has been guitarist/bassist for Paul McCartney since 2002 and now has a few solo releases out. Just click Interviews in the navigation bar on the top of the page to check some of these out. These interviews also air from time to time on Internet streaming station Fab4Radio (see more about Fab4Radio below).

5) BROWcast – BROWcast is simply a podcast version of BROW (see #1 above). BROWcast is not actually posted on TheBeatlesRarity because the BROWs themselves are already here. You can check them out at www.thebeatlesrarity.podomatic.com. To subscribe with your own podcast player use RSS feed http://thebeatlesrarity.podomatic.com/rss2.xml or for Itunes use http://thebeatlesrarity.podomatic.com/rss2.xml (for more information on this, click here). BROWcast is also featured on Fab4Radio. It immediately follows Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles (for showtimes in your area, click here).

6) Side Track Sunday – A Beatles-related is played through on Fab4Radio each Sunday evening and I host the show and give a little info about the record before spinning through uninterrupted (that’s right, a whole album with no commercials!). Showtimes will be Sunday night at 0200 UTC. That means 10pm on the U.S. East coast, 7:00 pm on the U.S. West coast, or 3:00 am in London (for more info for your time zone, click here). If those times aren’t convenient, there is also a ‘repeat performance’ of the previous Sunday’s show on the following Wednesday (2pm EDST, 11am PDST, 7pm in the U.K., or 1800 UTC).

7) Unscheduled Posts – Occasionally there are other unscheduled posts whenever there is Beatle-news of new releases or other interesting items. You can use the Categories tab in the upper right sidebar of each page to look for cool stuff to read about or listen to.

8) Newsletter – Each Friday an email is sent out to those on the mailing list (simply enter your email address in the space provided in the upper right sidebar to get on the list). It includes links to all of the site highlights from the previous week as well as a bonus feature described next.

9) This week in Beatles History – If you receive Friday’s Newsletter (see item 11) a Beatles History factoid will be included that links to a post where you can read more about it. Usually a video or audio track about it is available too.

10) Video content – From 2010 to 2012 three video features were run on the site: Record Roundup, Video of the Week (VOW) and The Beatles Cartoons. These are still here for viewing and reading however YouTube has blocked the content on many of the videos due to licensing issues. More info on that is here.

Since some of the items above are on Fab4Radio, I should also mention that on the right sidebar you will find a conveniently installed player that you can switch on and listen to the station while you are here. Visit here to find out how you can get Fab4Radio on your mobile device, or other means of access.

There are various search mechanisms on the site as well including a “tags” search accessible from the lower right sidebar or a keyword search from the search tab in the upper right sidebar. You can browse through the post archives sorted by the month/year the post was made by clicking here. This has a link to everything posted on the site since it’s inception.

For any post you may comment on it, mark it “Fab”, or share it with a number of other sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit and more. Look for the buttons to do this at the bottom of each post.

The latest info on site updates and changes is available here, or by clicking the Categories tab in the right sidebar and then clicking Site Information.

There is also a nice list of some of my favorite other Beatles websites accessible by clicking Links in the navigation bar at the top of each page. For even more Beatles websites, click the BeatleLinks banner in the right sidebar.

In the right sidebar, accessible from any page, you will see Happy Nat’s Disc Of The Moment. This is a randomly generated photo of a release in the Happy Nat collection. If you click the image you will be taken to a page from the inventory section to read more about the disc (track listings, release dates, bootleg or official, etc.). You may also look discs up in the same inventory by clicking Search Nat’s Collection in the top navigation bar (see next paragraph).

Searching through my actual Beatles music collection:
Everything in my entire collection is now listed on this site if you’d like to take a look. From here you may do searches on any song and see how many versions I have of it (many are not officially released recordings) and you may also search album/CD or VHS/DVD titles. Just click Search Nat’s Collection at the navigation bar up top. There is truly a wealth of information on the site for anyone interested.

Now a little about me:
I have been fascinated by the work of The Beatles for a long time and have been collecting recordings by them since 1976 which is longer than I have been an adult. Over the years my interests grew beyond the official recordings. It also grew from group efforts to solo-Beatle projects, and from collectible vinyl to CDs and video media. I even started collecting material by other artists that had one or more of The Beatles contributions as supporting musicians. What I really wanted to do was to get everything they ever did musically, but the more I collected and the more I learned, the more I realized what a nearly impossible endeavor this would be. It sure is fun trying though and sharing with you.

Ways to support this site:
The Beatles Rarity web site is run by my own personal efforts and commitment to share my fascination with the music and historical impact of The Beatles, one piece at a time. If this site has somehow contributed to your interest in the music, lore and legend of The Beatles, why not consider a small contribution to help offset the costs of hosting fees, reference materials and other expenses necessary to keep this site going? No amount of assistance is too small. Click here to offer a donation via Paypal.

A “free” way to support the site is to do a review/rating on Beatlelinks.net. It only takes a few seconds and helps the site to reach out to fans in more ways than you realize. Click here to submit your rating.

Another “free” way to support this site is to use the Amazon.com links at the end of most posts to buy music, videos or any other items on Amazon. A small percentage for each purchase is credited to the site for advertising.

Finally, just being involved and leaving comments or making requests for BROWs, #askNats, or other ideas helps keep it all fresh.

Thanks again for being a part of TheBeatlesRarity!

Happy Nat