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#askNat – concerning the alleged death and replacement of Paul McCartney in 1966

Part 1 – Introduction

Over the years, I have been sent numerous messages concerning the death of Paul McCartney in 1966 and his alleged replacement, William Campbell, brought in to keep the death a secret and The Beatles’ legend alive. Some people ask me if I believe this and some simply skip that part and just tell me that it’s true. A third type take on the mission of convincing me that it is true, as if it is some sort of religion. In some respects, it would seem that’s exactly what it is.

This week on #askNat I am discussing the Paul Is Dead hoax, theory, conundrum or whatever you want to call it. For those of you aficionados on the subject, you may not agree with my interpretations of certain clues or rationale that point to Beatle-Paul’s demise, but that’s okay because whether you go my way or yours, it’s all grasping at straws anyway, and no one idea is really any more correct than another. The bottom line, at least in my reality-based world, is that at the time of this writing (Feb. 2015), Paul is alive and well, and has been since June 18th, 1942.


The Beatles White Album Portraits, 1968

The Beatles White Album Portraits, 1968


Why then are there so many so-called “death-clues” sprinkled throughout the music and artwork in releases by The Beatles in the sixties? Did The Beatles deliberately leave these symbolic signs around so that their fans could pick up on the death message as some sort of twisted joke? That theory is admittedly a bit more plausible than one of Paul’s actual death. After all, with a little help from some mind-altering substances, it was their humor, genius, and boredom with commonplace that kept interesting extras showing up in their music. Whether it be the guitar feedback intro of “I Feel Fine,” or the first use of backwards vocals in “Rain,” or the backwards guitars in “I’m Only Sleeping,” or the use of ADT (Automatic/Artificial Double Tracking), or printing the lyrics on the album cover, or whatever – The Beatles were expanding the sophistication of rock music, one innovation at a time. Why then would you put it past them to have a little fun by dropping secret messages into the music? But then again, it’s still a little bit of a stretch.

In October 1969, within a few weeks after the release of The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road album, the rumor began to take hold. Someone named Tom called into a live radio program in Detroit, MI and spoke over the air with DJ Russell Gibb about a car crash that had killed Paul back in 1966. He went on about how The Beatles’ albums are full of hidden messages or “clues” about his death. One of the program’s listeners, a student named Fred La Bour, wrote an article for his university’s paper about it with the title Paul McCartney Is Dead. It brought to light many of his findings that were hidden within The Beatles’ own music catalog. From there, the rumor went haywire, with headlines appearing in many major newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post and even the London Times.


One of many pieces of literature that was seen around the world in the fall of 1969 as the rumor of Paul McCartney's secret death went rampant.

One of many pieces of literature that was seen around the world in the fall of 1969 as the rumor of Paul McCartney’s secret death went rampant.


Part 2 – What allegedly happened?

As the rumor spread, the actual story of what happened was pieced together using the death-clues found on several Beatles releases. Although there are some variations to my account of the events (given below), the gist of it went something like this:

In the late evening of Tuesday, November 8th, 1966, Paul leaves a recording session at EMI after a possible spat with the other Beatles. He kills time for a few hours somewhere and then picks up his friend Rita. She begins to distracts him in the car as he approaches a red light. Paul, possibly under the influence of some drinks or other substances, realizes the light too late and loses control of the car. While trying to avoid another vehicle, he runs headlong into a tree. Rita and Paul die instantly, with Paul being gruesomely decapitated by a piece of glass that exploded as a result of the impact. The site of the accident was somewhere on Abbey Road and the time was around 5am on Wednesday, November 9th.

Not wanting to face the end of The Beatles while at the top of their careers, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr decide to carry on and secretly replace Paul with a double. Their manager Brian Epstein is in on the scheme, as is Paul’s girlfriend Jane Asher, but otherwise it is kept as secret as possible. For the double, The Beatles choose an ex-policeman named William Campbell to be the new Paul. He is remarkably similar, but slightly taller and bears a few scars on his lips and cheeks. The scars may also have been a result of plastic surgery used to improve his likeness of Paul. The Beatles decide at this point that it would be a good idea to stop touring. Doing so would lessen the risk of someone noticing that this Paul is not the real Paul and thereby letting the secret out. Soon afterwards, The Beatles become guilty and regretful over the deceit and for the sake of communicating the truth to their most devoted fans, discreetly begin slipping secret messages into their albums about Paul’s death.

So while I realize that most reading are now thinking Wow! What a load of manure!, you have to admit that it does open up an interesting excuse for a game not so different than a children’s “what’s wrong with this picture” puzzle or an easter egg hunt. In this case though, the game is called “find the death-clues.” These death-clues are, after all, what are pieced together to reveal the story given above. What follows is a discussion of the clues themselves. Feel free to break out your own records and follow along as I give a clue-by-clue run down.

Part 3 – The Death-Clues/Abbey Road


Abbey Road


Since this was the album release that started the rumor off, I’ll start with it.

The musical clues are heard in the album’s opening track, “Come Together.” The theory here is that each verse contains a sort of perverse description of each Beatle. For example, the first verse contains the phrase “he one holy roller,” referring to George Harrison, considered to be the most spiritually-minded or religious Beatle. The last verse is the Paul verse, where John begins by singing “He Roller Coaster” (possibly a reference to (fake) Paul’s “Helter Skelter” song). In this verse John sings “One and one and one is three” and this is taken as a clue that there are only three “real” Beatles, since Paul is really an imposter. Is this a stretch? The clues are often subtle and this isn’t the only one that involves the number “3,” as you’ll see if you read further. The following line in the Paul verse is “Got to be good looking cause he’s so hard to see.” Is this another clue here? Paul has often been referred to as the good looking, or “cute” Beatle. If John sings that he is now “so hard to see,” could that be because he has been dead for three years and it’s hard to remember how he once looked? Finally, the chorus of the song, where John sings “Come Together, over me,” can also be seen as some sort of reference, since a common time when you come together over someone is at their funeral.

The album is chocked full of visual clues. Most of these are already pretty well known. The photo on the front of the album contains the most. The Beatles are seen crossing Abbey Road at the crosswalk. Paul is seen with a cigarette in his right hand, although he is left-handed. Could this mean he is an imposter? While the other Beatles have their left foot forward and are perfectly in step with each other, Paul is exactly opposite with his right foot forward. You may say, so what! How does that indicate he’s dead or an imposter? Well, it really doesn’t by itself. However, you’ll notice a pattern as we continue, and that is how Paul is continuously the Beatle in the photo that has something conspicuously different about him in comparison to the others. Collectively these difference form the message that he is not one of them. I’ll point out more as we go along. In fact, I should establish a name for these types of clues from here on out. Let’s call them exception clues.

I have another exception clue to mention now. While all of The Beatles are wearing shoes, Paul is walking across the hot summer pavement (the photo was taken in August) with bare feet. Not only is this an exception clue, but it defies logic and just seems weird. Why would he go to such lengths to be different in the photo unless there was a reason? When confronted about it later, he claimed it was hot that day, but if that were the case, would the bottoms of his feet not have been a bit scorched? There must have been another reason. The reason for the clue-minded believers is that not only was Paul intentionally depicted as different from the others, but is also representing a corpse, which, as everyone knows, is not buried with shoes on. Paul is also dressed in a suit, as a corpse would traditionally be at his own funeral.

Following the dress code line of thinking, let’s look at the other Beatles. John Lennon is wearing all white, which is said to be symbolic of the minister presiding over the funeral. George Harrison is dressed fully in denim and said to be the gravedigger. Ringo Star is suited up as what the “Paul-bearer” would wear. You may laugh at the idea of a funeral being depicted here, but as I’ll point out soon, Abbey Road isn’t the only Beatles album with a cover that depicts a funeral.

Another exception clue: All of The Beatles have beards in the photo except for our “always-out-of-place” Paul.

There is a white Volkswagen “Beetle” parked on the side of the road in the background of the photo with license plate number LMW 28IF. Since Paul was aged 27 at the time the photo was taken, the clue-minded have surmised that the 28IF is symbolic of him being in his 28th year IF he had lived. I’ve heard that the LMW stands for Linda McCartney widowed, or maybe Linda McCartney weeps. This is a little tough to swallow though since Linda and Paul did not meet until 1967. So theoretically, Linda never met the “real” Paul. I don’t see how that would make her widowed or prone to weep.

On the back of the album, there is a photo of a street sign that reads BEATLES, and under it, ABBEY ROAD. The “S” in Beatles has a crack in it, which is symbolic of a flaw within the band. There is a series of dots before the word BEATLES that when connected form a “3” – yes, another of the “3 Beatles” clues meaning there are only 3 (real) Beatles. There is an unidentified girl in a blue dress seen walking out of the picture. Some say this was Paul’s former fiancee, Jane Asher, who had come to the accident scene and was now departing after being paid to keep the secret of Paul’s death. A skull is depicted in the light and shadow at an angle to the right of the BEATLES sign.

Part 4 – The Death-Clues/Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


After word got out about the Abbey Road clues, the inquisitive clue-seekers quickly examined the previous Beatles albums to piece together the story. I’ll discuss Sgt. Pepper now since it was supposedly the first album released after Paul’s fatal mishap. From there, I’ll work my way back up through the others.

The musical clues heard on the Pepper album include a line in the song “Lovely Rita” which states “Took her home, I nearly made it!” I guess if Paul “nearly” made it – he didn’t actually make it home at all. Another obvious musical clue is in the song “A Day In The Life,” where an entire verse is used to describe Paul’s accident: “He blew his mind out in a car, he didn’t notice that the lights had changed, a crowd of people stood and stared, they’d seen his face before, etc.” Finally, some say that “Billy Shears” mentioned in “With A Little Help From My Friends” is an alias for William Campbell, Paul’s alleged double.

As with Abbey Road, the visual clues on the Sgt. Pepper album are numerous. The scene on the front cover show a crowd of people standing at a grave site – apparently another funeral is taking place. But whose funeral is it? It would have to be one or more of The Beatles, as the red flowers over the grave spell out BEATLES. There is some yellow flowers over the grave as well, formed into the shape of a guitar. It’s a left-handed instrument, which identifies the only left handed Beatle, Paul McCartney. The stems on the guitar depict its strings and there are 3 of them. This means it’s likely a bass with a missing string (Paul is The Beatles’ bassist) and indicative once again of 3 Beatles (this is the third of the “3” Beatles clues and there are still more).

The Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper uniforms stand over the grave, holding their instruments, all of which are brass or silver, save for Paul, who is carrying a deathly black Cor Anglais (another exception clue). Paul also has the hand of comic Issy Bonn raised directly over his head from behind. There is a superstition that relates a hand over a head in a photo as an indication of impending death to the one whose head is under the hand, or in the case of repeated occurrences, that someone may really already be dead (i.e. a ghost). I will point out a few repeated occurrences of this clue later in the text.

There is also the curious phenomena of the bass drum. If one holds a mirror across the center of the drum horizontally, thus bisecting the words LONELY HEARTS, a message appears that reads “ONE HE DIE” with a diamond shape pointing upward and straight at Paul. The date of November 9th is also cryptically revealed in the drum as “I ONE IX.”

A model of a car that resembles the Aston Martin Paul was driving rests on a doll’s leg on the far right of the front cover photo.

In the summer of 1967, The Beatles agreed to buy a set of Greek Islands, where they planned to live and work with family and friends. The main island, often referred to as Leso (or Leslo) is officially unnamed. Looking closer at the cover shot of the Sgt. Pepper album, you can make out a letter in the red flowers that follows the “S” in BEATLES. The letter is a somewhat smaller “o.” This causes the flower letters over the grave to spell out BE AT LESO, a clue of John’s intention to bury Paul on that island.

Here is another couple of clues – one of which also involves the letter “o.” On the back of the album jacket, the lyrics to all of the songs appear over a red background with a picture of The Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper garb at the bottom. There is another exception clue here though because, unlike the other Beatles, Paul is completely unrecognizable as he has his back to the camera. So is this really Paul? The Beatles appear to be spelling the word “Love” in the photo. From left to right there is George with his finger pointing up so that his hand and finger together make an “L” shape. Next is supposedly Paul, whose hands cannot be seen with his back to the camera. However a circular button centered in the back part of his uniform belt is lined up so that it could be the “O.” Next is John, who by tucking his hands into the front of his pants is forming a “V.” Ringo clasps his hands together in front of him so that his fingers form the letter “E.” While Paul is the only Beatle without an “O” in his name, he is the “O” Beatle in this photo. If you look at the back of the Abbey Road jacket you’ll see that the “S” in BEATLES isn’t the only letter with a crack in it (as mentioned earlier), but the “O” in ABBEY ROAD also contains a crack in the lower right corner. Does the cracked up “O” mean a cracked up Paul?

With the lyrics superimposed over the photo of The Beatles, we see George pointing, thus making his “L.” If we look at the lyric he is pointing too, we see it is a line from the song “She’s Leaving Home.” The line is “Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins.” This, as stated earlier, was the day and time of Paul’s death (a look at a November 1966 calendar will show that November 9th was a Wednesday).

The album opens up in a gatefold with a large picture of the uniformed Beatles inside and in front of a yellow background. The patch on Paul’s left arm reads O.P.D., which is London police jargon for “Officially Pronounced Dead.” Unlike the other Beatles, Paul’s knees are visible in the photo. Is this another exception clue?

Part 5 – The Death-Clues/Magical Mystery Tour


Magical Mystery Tour


Now that everyone is firmly convinced that Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with an imposter, I realize that there is no need to carry on this list of bizarre clues of his demise. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness and to win over all of you naysayers, I will continue.

The musical clues on Magical Mystery Tour are quite numerous. In “I Am The Walrus” we hear Shakespearean actors from a radio broadcast reciting lines from King Lear during the fade-out. The lines include an enactment of what was also said at the site of that horrible auto accident with Paul. We hear “what, is he dead!,” “Oh, untimely death!” and other shocked voices on the scene. The ghostly voice of Paul can be heard whispering “Bury me!” and “Bury my body!” As if that isn’t morbid enough, there’s more. According to Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn, the chant at the end of the song where the males sing “Oompah, Oompah, stick it in your jumper” and the females sing “Everybody’s got one” was actually entirely random, with both men and women joining in on each of the two lyrics. When played backwards from the fade-out, the chanting vocals sound remarkably like “Paul Is Dead, Ha, Ha…, Paul Is Dead,Ha Ha…” Ambulance and police siren sounds can also be heard. The repeated line “goo goo ga joob” was actually the final words of Humpty Dumpty (the eggman) before his tragically fatal accident. This is in accordance with James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, which John said was one of the inspirations behind the song. John’s other “Walrus” line, “Stupid Bloody Tuesday,” refers to the Tuesday evening Paul left EMI prior to his tragic accident on Wednesday morning at five o’clock.

If you listen to the original stereo mix of “Magical Mystery Tour” (the title song) at 0:50, a skidding/screeching type noise, representing Paul’s alleged crash, is heard.

Just before the final seconds of “Strawberry Fields Forever” we hear John mutter “I buried Paul” (though this was later revealed to be the similarly syllablized “cranberry sauce”).

The visual clues with Magical Mystery Tour are even more plentiful. On the front cover we see The Beatles in animal costumes with John as a walrus, Paul as a hippo, George as a rabbit and Ringo as a bird. Who is dressed as what becomes apparent by flipping through the photo booklet packaged with the EP or album and seeing them with their instruments. As with the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul once again has a hand over his head (this time it’s George’s).

Above the four masked heads, yellow stars form the word BEATLES. I heard a really kooky story once about how someone on the radio was able to decipher a telephone number with these yellow stars by holding the album cover upside down and standing in front of a mirror. Somehow this person surmised that the time to call the number would be on Wednesday morning at five o’clock (previously mentioned as the time of Paul’s death and “She’s Leaving Home” lyric). When the number was called, someone that sounded like an old man answered and the caller asked who he was. The old man voice replied “old PMC, is that enough?” The caller explained that he called to get information about The Beatles and specifically about Paul McCartney. The voice told him to call again on Friday morning (two days later) at nine o’clock. Now you may remember that the other time besides Wednesday morning at five o’clock mentioned in the song “She’s Leaving Home” is Friday morning at nine o’clock. Our caller explained what he did on his radio show and all about his creepy conversation with “old PMC.” When Friday morning at nine o’clock arrived, he made the call while on the air, so that everyone listening could tune in and hear what would happen. Oddly enough, when he made the call, the number had been mysteriously disconnected.

More Walrus clues: Despite what costumes The Beatles were wearing, John sings in his White Album song “Glass Onion” that “the walrus was Paul.” A walrus is purportedly a symbol of death in some Scandinavian countries, while the word “walrus” originated from the Greek, for “corpse.” While it is plainly John singing “I Am The Walrus,” could it symbolically be Paul singing “I am the corpse?” Another indication that the walrus was not John, and therefore Paul, occurs in the titles list of the songs for Magical Mystery Tour that is seen in the booklet packaged with the EP and album. The title of “I Am The Walrus” has a parenthetical note following it which plainly reads “No You’re not! said Little Nicola.” Does this mean that Little Nicola, a young child actress from the Magical Mystery Tour film, knew that the real walrus (i.e. corpse) was Paul? To insure this clue isn’t missed, Little Nicola also tells John he’s not the walrus within the comic-strip.

The photo/comic strip booklet that comes with the Magical Mystery Tour album and EP has three additional photos of Paul with a hand over his head. Another photo shows him without his shoes. As with the Abbey Road jacket photo, this is not only an exception clue (since the other Beatles do have their shoes on), but also an indication that he is a corpse (since shoes are removed before you are buried). Paul’s shoes do appear a couple feet to his left in the photo, near Ringo’s bass drum. Some suspicious blood-like red smears are seen on the left shoe. Another picture of shoeless Paul appears earlier in the book and also includes the other Beatles (with their shoes on, of course).

Speaking of Ringo’s bass drum – In the same photo that shows Paul without his shoes, we see the bass drum with an orange-red drum head that says “LOVE” across it. Under LOVE it says “The Beatles.” Between the words “LOVE” and “Beatles” is a small squiggly “3.” Read as a whole, the bass drum reads “Love The 3 Beatles.” Once again, as we saw on both Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, we have an indication of “3 Beatles.” One is therefore an imposter.

Another photo in the book shows Paul in military uniform sitting at a desk. Directly in front of him is a sign referring to him as someone from the past. The sign reads simply I WAS. Behind Paul in the same photo are two British flags. They are crossed in the proper position for a military funeral.

Another exception clue: One of the photos in the booklet show The Beatles in white suits in front of a long, winding staircase (this was from the “Your Mother Should Know scene in the Magical Mystery Tour film). The Beatles all have carnations pinned to their lapel. John, George and Ringo have traditional red carnations and, of course, Paul’s is black. When asked about this later, Paul explained that they were out of red, so he grabbed a black one. Yes, Paul, a likely story.

Part 6 – The Death-Clues/The White Album


The White Album


The musical clues include the lyrics to Ringo Starr’s “Don’t Pass Me By,” where he sings “You were in a car crash and you lost your hair.” I guess no explanation is needed for that one. At the end of “I’m So Tired” we hear John singing some mumbled gibberish that when played in reverse says “Paul is a dead man. Miss him! Miss him! Miss him!” In the track “Glass Onion,” John sings “here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul” (this was already mentioned in the section on Magical Mystery Tour above). Also in “Glass Onion,” John sings “Looking through the bent back tulips, to see how the other half lives.” Could this be a reference to Paul looking up through the flowers at his grave site to check up on the living? Paul’s “Blackbird” may be considered symbolic due to blackbirds often poetically taken as a sign of impending death or doom.

The most well-known musical death-clue of all is one found in “Revolution 9.” This one, in fact, is so well-known that I’m reasonably certain that 99% or more of those reading this are already well aware of it. Again, for the sake of being complete, I’ll describe it anyway. One of the tape looped recordings on the track is that of a sound engineer testing his voice by saying “this is EMI test series number nine.” The phrase was shortened to simply a “number nine…” and made to repeat several times in succession. This re-occurring “number nine” appears frequently throughout the course of the track among other tape loops that contain sound effects, random parts of discussions and other noises that often conjure up images of destruction, burning, violence and death (i.e. explosions, fire, a baby crying, etc.). When the engineer’s repeating voice is played backwards, “number nine, number nine…” becomes unmistakably “turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man…” Many argue that this could not really be a clue, since the engineers voice was likely recorded before any sort of alleged accident by Paul and not recorded by any within the Beatles’ camp anyway. This argument doesn’t hold water though because anything can be tweaked to have a message when reversed or inserted into the music with the right techniques. The Beatles, remember, had already discovered the backmasking technique years before with the track “Rain.” Besides, the fact that John chose to include it, regardless of the amount of tampering necessary, is reason enough to qualify it as a real clue. Towards the end of “Revolution 9” there is a chanting crowd that seems to say “Paul’s not dead, Paul’s not dead….” Some say this message is indicative of The Beatles fearing that they’ve already given too much away and now need to reverse the public opinion. Okay, whatever.

Now for the visual White Album clues: There is a black and white portrait for each Beatle seen in a row in the inner-gatefold of the jacket. These are also included, in color, as separate photo inserts along with a poster, in the double-LP’s packaging. There is an exception clue apparent here since the photo of Paul is much more zoomed-in than the photos of the other Beatles. Some think that the reason it is a closer shot is to draw attention to the scars around his upper lip. Were these scars indicative of any necessary plastic surgery that William Campbell needed in order to facilitate his new identity as Paul?

The poster that comes with the White Album has lyrics on one side and an interesting photo collage on the other. One of the photos in the collage show Paul laying in a bathtub with his head back and eyes closed. The way the waters cover his neck have caused some to believe that this is symbolic of the way his head was separated from his body during the tragic accident. I guess you really have to use your imagination for that one. There is also a shot near the bottom right of the collage showing Paul dancing while standing in front of a pole. There are some eerie looking skeleton-like hands directly behind his lower back that are reaching out to grab him. I guess that’s a good one for you grim reaper fans. There is also what looks like a passport photo of Paul in the lower left section of the collage. Somehow he looks different though. Is it the thick horn-rimmed glasses or slicked down hair? Could this really be William Campbell before undergoing his plastic surgery?

Part 7 – The Death-Clues/Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine


The Beatles were not as heavily involved with the Yellow Submarine album since it only contained four previously unreleased Beatles tracks that were largely considered throwaways from other albums. Though The Beatles only appear in Heinz Edelman’s own cartoon form on the album’s cover art, there is still a visual clue. Directly over cartoon-Paul’s head is a hand (John’s). A portion of the same illustration is seen on the back of the jacket, also showing the hand over Paul’s head. This hand-over-head clue appeared in the Sgt. Pepper artwork and numerous times in the Magical Mystery Tour artwork. If it was ever dismissed as coincidental, well, here it is again. As mentioned earlier, there is a superstition that relates a hand over a head in a photo as an indication of impending death to the one whose head is under the hand, or in the case of repeated occurrences, that someone may really already be dead (i.e. a ghost).

I have now covered a large collection of these purported “death-clues” that occurred between the time of the alleged accident up to the Abbey Road album, when the idea of the clues themselves was first introduced. It didn’t stop there though. Now that much of the public was aware of this bizarre little theory, the next album was eagerly awaited to see if more clues would be revealed. That next album, in America anyway, was Hey Jude.

Part 8 – The Death-Clues/Hey Jude & Let It Be


Hey Jude


Hey Jude was released in North America in February 1970 and designed specifically as a compilation for the American market. Also titled on first pressings as The Beatles Again, the album contained Beatles songs between 1964 and 1969 that had not previously been released on a Capitol album. Since the project was largely one of Beatles acting manager Allen Klein instead of The Beatles themselves (who you might as well say had already broken up), there is not really any input from the group to speak of. And yet, there is still a visual clue on the front cover. It’s simply an exception clue. As with their previous album Abbey Road, Paul is seen as the only Beatle without a beard.


Let It Be


Let It Be, released worldwide in May 1970, was considered the final Beatles album. Paul had announced his departure from the band with the release of his McCartney album the preceding month. As with Hey Jude, the only death clues I will note here are ones that appear on the front cover. Arranged in a 2 x 2 matrix, four portraits are shown, one for each of the Beatles. A quick study of these reveals three exception clues: The camera angle for each portrait of John, George and Ringo is such that they are all looking to the left. Paul, on the other hand, is looking forward (i.e. straight out at the camera). Secondly, the background of each of the others is white, while Paul’s is blood-red. Finally, while the previous two albums (Abbey Road and Hey Jude) showed Paul as the only beardless Beatle, he is now the only one with a beard. It’s amazing how he was the exception in this category for three albums in a row. Coincidence?

Part 9 – Would-Be Clues

It’s also interesting to point out how some other items can almost be classified as clues, yet they don’t fit the timing of a November 9th, 1966 death. I did mention before though that there are variations to the story and the timing may have been earlier, or later. Since I don’t believe Paul is dead anyway, I’m not going to bother discussing any of the millions of variations to the story. And yet, you may consider some of these “would-be clues” interesting.


Original butcher cover for Yesterday...And Today LP (L) and updated trunk cover for Yesterday...And Today LP (R)

Original butcher cover for Yesterday…And Today LP (L) and updated trunk cover for Yesterday…And Today LP (R)


The North American album Yesterday…And Today (June 1966) had a cover shot that shows The Beatles standing around a large trunk (see right photo above). Paul, unlike the others, is sitting inside the trunk. It almost looks as if Ringo is pushing the lid closed. Even though it’s quite obvious, I’ll point out that the trunk could be symbolic of a coffin. Perhaps the jacket should be viewed after turned on it’s spine side to get the full effect.

The first copies of the Yesterday…And Today album had an alternate cover (the famous “Butcher Cover” showing the Beatles with bloody meat and decapitated baby dolls – see left photo above). While a decapitated baby doll could be considered symbolic of Paul’s gruesome fate, there is another point to make here. John Lennon owned a copy of this album and sketched a picture on the back side of the jacket. A photo of this sketch (seen immediately below) shows a boy holding a shovel as he stands over an area of ground that appears to have just been filled back in with dirt. The boys eyes appear to have tears in them.


John Lennon sketched this drawing on the back of his copy of the U.S. Yesterday And Today LP.

John Lennon sketched this drawing on the back of his copy of the U.S. Yesterday And Today LP.



The Revolver LP cover artwork by Klaus Voormann (August 1966) shows a would-be exception clue. While John, George and Ringo are looking out of the photo so that both of their eyes are visible, Paul is depicted in profile as a one-eyed Jack and looking to the left. Once again, he is the “out-of-place” Beatle. I’m surprised he didn’t have a beard this time, but I guess it was too early for that.

On Paul’s Rubber Soul track, “I’m Looking Through You” (1965), he sings “I’m looking through you, where did you go, I thought I knew you, what did I know?, You don’t look different but you have changed, I’m looking through you, you’re not the same.” That one is a no-contest description of an imposter.

There are other lyrical would-be clues such as in “Yesterday” (1965) when Paul sings “I’m not half the man I used to be, there’s a shadow hanging over me.” If he’s not half the man he used to be, is it because he is an imposter? If there’s a shadow hanging over him, is that because he is laying in an open grave during a funeral ceremony? I guess that is similar to the “Come Together” clue described earlier.

On the cover of either the U.S. or U.K Help! album (1965) we see another would-be exception clue. John, George and Ringo are all wearing hats. Paul is not.

Part 10 – Aftermath

Even though I’ve given a nice overview and description of hundreds of these “death-clues” above, I make no claim than the list is complete. It’s a rough sampling at best. Still, I think there’s more than enough cited to give those interested an idea of how crazy the clue-searching endeavor became. There are three camps of thought concerning the Paul-is-dead theory. There are those that think of it as all coincidental and any death implication was imagined and “hogwash.” Then there are those who think that, while Paul is really alive, at least some of what was found was actually deliberately placed and that it was The Beatles’ own clever way of either having fun messing with our heads, or selling more records. Finally, there are those that actually believe that Paul is really dead. Some of these believers say his death came just as I’ve described above. Some have their own variation of the story.

Those that believe Paul is actually dead, refer to their “fake” Paul as “Faul.” There is a percentage of these people that still seek indications that prove Faul is not Paul. I don’t mean by continuing to study The Beatles music or album covers either, but by actually getting forensic about it and comparing recent pictures of Paul with older ones and analyzing ear size, height, teeth, eyebrows and other physical attributes. When we consider the camera angles/distance, lighting, the reality of people changing as they age, and millions of other variables that tend to affect a photo image, it’s not hard to understand that this is no efficient means of coming up with any kind of concrete evidence about how “real” or “fake” Paul/Faul is, or is not.


Nov. 1969 issue of Life magazine convinces the world that Paul is still alive. Most believed, some did not.

Nov. 1969 issue of Life magazine convinces the world that Paul is still alive. Most believed, some did not.


I’ll wrap up with this October 21st, 1969 radio announcement by WABC dee-jay Roby Yonge concerning Paul’s death (this was previously featured on TheBeatlesRarity here).


Roby Yonge - Paul is dead


That’s all I have on this topic. Thanks everyone for reading. If you’ve further info to add or more clues to list you may do so in the comments section below.

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  • Joe says:

    The version of the backwards/upside down Magical Mystery Tour number I heard was simpler. When one called the number, a man answered and said he knew nothing at all about Paul being dead. This denial, of course, was interpreted as further “proof” of the supposed conspiracy. And a radio special I listened to at the time went through all the clues and their concluding statement was, “Paul McCartney is alive and well…John Lennon is alive,” meant to indicate the whole thing was a hoax. How they came to blame or credit John with the hoax was not explained, although many during that period thought of John and Yoko as kooks because of their peace campaign, nude LP cover, etc.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      That “Last Testament” movie is disinfo. It is massively incorrect, uses a fake George voice, etc.

      The real leak (which it was to cover up for), was “The Winged Beatle”, though that requires quite a bit of subtlety to realize how much it shows.

      What this article by Nat does, is summarize some clues areas from the case for Paul’s death. It does mention John’s drawing of Paul dead, but not why it has to be that. It does not mention the February 1967 Beatles Book UK-only (at the time) fan magazine, with its text reference to the main points of the rumour.

      What we have is an early rumour (the fan mag is not the only thing which shows the rumour’s early existence), Beatles involvement, not only artistic clues, plus a host of other things.

      George Martin’s coat of arms has a good argument of being about Paul’s death (as would be expected, if he died), with Martin’s dissembling that he left John off the heraldry falling flat, especially with the white (note white car) tire tread design through the middle, and 5 musical lines as tread marks and as 5 Beatles.

      But each thing is its own thing as well as in context. Then one turns to historical opportunity, reason, forensics issues (including musical criticism and body language).

      Paul is long gone.

    • CK says:

      We have a long thread of comments now, so I’m posting this at the top:

      Dear Nat: this is not flashy but it is overall complete in method, general areas of background and covers some flashy stuff. Enjoy (to the end, please): http://livestream.com/accounts/4937810/events/3629901 — That is due diligence. Part 1 (1st 1/2 is background, some evidence, etc.) and Part 2 (2nd 1/2 is more imagery than in the 1st 1/2, but also more backgrd).

      I would give more and rework if I hadn’t been given only 2 days’ notice. But … please give the discussion a full listen.

      • Happy Nat says:

        Wow, this is a lot to get through Clare. May take some time.

        • CK says:

          Dearest, lovely Nat. Yes, I know. I took some years; it is not only applicable to this case (in some parts). And by NO means does it cover everything in the bios, movements, forensics (I barely show anything of that or any of the arguments, but I do give some key pointer details showing one can be careful), and on method (there is quite a philosophical and legal scientific (thinking, not mere law details) to get a sense of. I barely touch the infiltration evidence, the psychology of Bill (arguments back and forth), the CLUES.

          But I give a sense of all areas. Bless you.
          And RIP all of the 3, the hangers-on who died, and forgiveness but condemnation to the live 2 and the hangers-on who know, dissemble, lie or try to tell in some couched way (as if that is ENOUGH).
          I’m no silly doofus. :)
          “And I Love You”.

    • CK says:

      I can’t delete or correct that link I gave. It will soon be buried under more recent shows. So …

      Here is the permanent YOUTUBE DIRECT LINK:


  • Roger says:

    For those of you who are into this, here’s a pretty silly “documentary” suggesting George left a final confession telling all “Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison.” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1683472/reference

    As a Beatle fan I appreciated the apparent depth of the writer/director’s knowledge of Beatle lore even though he gets some obvious facts wrong, just to fit his “proof.” I think this is a goof (it’s all made up) but it’s done with complete straight-faced reality-show sincerity and is a blast in its own way.

    Keep up the great work. Cheers, Roger

    • Happy Nat says:

      I did not use “facts” in this article Roger – so by things I didn’t get “right” I’m hoping you just mean things I didn’t hear the same version of that you did. This is all “lore” that I picked up myself over the years. It’s certainly not made up by me and yes, a goof that had to be made up somewhere (some think “in house” to sell records). I’m not trying to “fit” proof because, I don’t believe Paul is dead. Why then would I be inclined to attempt to prove he is? Yet these uncanny coincidences are there. All I did was a lot of work in getting them listed and all in print and together in one place. In retrospect, it all seems kind of silly now but back in the sixties with no internet and all people had of The Beatles were the magazine articles, radio broadcasts (such as the one I included above) and the albums themselves, it at least made some people feel a little freaked about it then. The Beatles weren’t touring in those years and remained mysterious and unseen. The media apparently took it serious enough for Life, to do their article about it. The sixties were such a different world and this little farce was a part of their own history and whether instigated by them or not, this site has left this topic untouched for nearly 8 years. So now it’s here. Thanks for the link to the spoof that sort of mocks it and takes the whatever “serious” side out of it – it’s pretty funny (I’ve seen parts). You’re right though – the whole thing was a blast in it’s own way and really a perspective thing. You kind of have to know the sixties to get the full appreciation of it.

      • Roger says:

        Hi, Nat,

        No no! I meant the guy who did that “Paul Really Is Dead” doc is the one who’s making up “facts.” I get it – you’re just reporting the various rumors and “coincidences.” All good.

        You are great! Sorry for the confusion!

        Peace, Roger

        • Happy Nat says:

          No problem Roger – sorry I completely misunderstand you (I should have known you wouldn’t call me a director :-) ). Still, the things you said are all good points and some of what I said in reply are points that didn’t make it into the final so it’s all good to keep the discussion going. Thanks for the input – and especially if you read all that!

  • I was privileged to be in on some of the first beginnings of the “rumor” in 1969. I was attending an Ill. campus, which was also one of the early places to hear. I first heard about it in Sept. ’69., which was before the Oct. Mich. radio station call. I’ve written about my own experiences and our testing of the “clues” back then. As I wrote in my book, “It’s A Long Way Home(& How Beatles’ Music Saved My Life”), it was to have a surprising effect on my life. We had no idea that this “rumor”, which few of us knew about then, would go around the world! And that 50 years later,people would still be debating it. I’m still not sure just what exactly to think. But I believe there are some possibly real clues there.(there are too many to dismiss). Why? We may never know. I have my own theory I hint at in my book and website and some other not so well-known information about it.
    I think still it makes an intriguing story anyway: “Inside Story: “Paul Is Dead” Rumor.” & “Paul McCartney Imposter Revealed!” http://www.rockthistownproductions.com http://www.beatlely.wordpress.com

  • Steve Bruun says:

    So many of the “death clues” aren’t really clues at all unless one looks at them with the preconceived idea of fitting them into the “Paul is dead” narrative. Paul obviously isn’t dead, and I see little reason to suspect a deliberate hoax by the group.

    For me, the key is that the Beatles got bored quickly and moved on. It’s why every album was different from the last, and why the group split up before its oldest member reached 30. Why would they keep the joke running for several years, continuing to plant clues even in late 1969 when they could barely stand to be in the same room together? And why did they never come clean in the subsequent decades? Like many conspiracy theories, the “Paul is dead” story simply has too many moving parts to be plausible. Not to mention the dead giveaway that anything that doesn’t fit the theory is either ignored or, perversely, brandished as proof of a larger cover-up.

    Looking for “Paul is dead” clues is an amusing parlor game, nothing more.

    • Happy Nat says:

      All good points Steve, and it’s easy to make light of it now. I mean I’m sure some think it is so silly that I should not have even wasted my time writing this up – and yet it made the news. Part of the societal impact The Beatles had on people in the sixties goes beyond liking their sound. It is also the interpretations of their art and music and the affect it had on some people. That can be a fascinating sociological study. Some of these interpretations, like the whole Paul is Dead thing are undeniably “out there.” Another example that’s beyond perverse is Charlie Manson’s interpretations of Beatles songs. Yet there was actually a bizarre logic to all of that. Of course, doing a piece on that could get even more controversial as it would involve combining certain Bible verses from Revelations with lyrical messages in certain Beatles songs and how it all ties in with Charlie’s murders and the fate of the world. It gets very creepy. So we have a band that is just trying to put out good music and get a little innovative with their sound techniques like ADT and putting little backwards things in “Rain” and giving a new look to album covers of the day and soon you have people that take a huge interest in everything they do and over-analyze in ways that go completely off the map. The Paul is Dead thing was just one of these kinds of lore that elevated to the point of being a part of Beatles history. The “clues” are a nice example of how deep you can read into something yet added up seem way over the top coincidental. I mean why all those no-shoes photos and black carnations and signs that read I WAS? Anyway, it’s good that in reality Paul is alive and well!

      • Steve Bruun says:

        Anything (art, religion, sports) that can be taken seriously can be taken TOO seriously. Also, some people are just nuts and they attach their disorders to whatever is around at the time – I strongly doubt that Charles Manson would have turned out just fine if it weren’t for the White Album. The “Paul is dead” story falls apart if you look at it dispassionately, without a pre-existing agenda, and without falling victim to confirmation bias. Sure, the Beatles did weird stuff that fits into the death hoax story – but they did tons of weird stuff that doesn’t fit. (Aunt Jessie’s spaghetti nightmare, for instance.) Feed enough hallucinogens to four imaginative and creative young guys who are rich and powerful enough to do whatever they want, and weirdness will result.

        • Steve Bruun says:

          Re-reading my comment, I’m concerned that I seem to be saying that everyone who believes Paul is dead (or that he planted clues) is “nuts,” which is not what I meant. To clarify: People driven to extreme or violent acts by cultural stimuli are “nuts.” People who believe odd conspiracy theories are not necessarily “nuts” – but they are mistaken.

  • debjorgo says:

    One clue you never hear, probably because, until recently, you were unable to easily pull the Magical Mystery Tour film out to view, was in the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band song, Death Cab for Cutie. As you mentioned, Paul was the cute Beatle.

    The song is about cutie making out with the driver in the car, while they are driving. They didn’t notice that the light had changed until it was too late. They tried to stop but wound up dead.

    In the film, Paul is the only one not present, watching the stripper baring the truth.

    • Happy Nat says:

      lol…thanks deborgo! After writing that up I’m kind of “clued out!”

      • debjorgo says:

        Yes and a great job you did, all the top clues and a few “rarities” thrown in too.

        I don’t believe Paul died for a second (that’s not to say when I was a kid in ’69, I didn’t go through a grieving stage). And I don’t think the Beatles plotted the rumor at all. But I never get tired of reading about it.

        It’s a lot of fun. As is this site.

  • Ed says:

    I’m with you Nat, I don’t believe it, and I appreciate your article.
    Was it a deliberate hoax by the group just to sell records? The time element of the first discovery of the death clues is what makes no sense to me. As you noted in your article, it began in late 69′ after most of their albums were already available. So it doesn’t appear to be a sales gimmick where they immediately started dropping clues of Paul death’s to sell records, or they would have got the word out much earlier, so people would buy more albums at once. The word got out to late to validate that idea. The strongest evidence of some sort of hoax were the obvious clues spoken in the songs forward and backwards. Such as what you brought up, the forward message of “Here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul,” and the backwards gibberish of “Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him” between songs or the “Turn me on dead man” of number nine played backwards that you pointed out. The album clues are all speculative at best but the other stuff, on the records obviously was planted which throws credibility back to the album packaging being planned as well. But again, why not let people in on the secret death clues much earlier then 1969, if that is the case? And why has no engineer such as Geoff Emerick or their producer George Martin, or any Beatle settled it once and for all? Why did they never come clean in the subsequent decades? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

    • Happy Nat says:

      Yes Ed, no matter how many coincidences stack up, they are somehow still only coincidences and collecting them up and pointing them out makes you out to be some sort of weirdo. Is is Silly?, curious?, bizarre?, ominous?, juvenile?, only a product of an over-active imagination? – maybe all of the above?

  • Clare Kuehn says:

    For all the oh-so-sure-it-didn’t-get-done people here:

    You should look more at what the clues (grieving, grisly) say.

    You should also compare the body movements (ever see bopping, sudden movements from music again)? How subtle do you think your perception really is, & your prejudice would let you think through?

    Finally, with the details in the drawing and George Martin’s coat of arms, you might just want to ask about the circumstantial case.

    Don’t be so sure, or you’re no jury of the issue.

  • Mike Myers says:

    I’m in the fourth camp which is everyone in the world died in a car crash and Paul is the ONLY original human left on this planet. ;)

    Seriously, great article. I love a good conspiracy story. Everyone leaves the musical genius aspect of this out of the equation. What are the chances that anyone in the world could write music the way Paul does? It might be easy enough to find someone to look like an individual, but to also play and compose the way Paul does would go against insanely astronomical odds.

    Still, I keep reading… Love the clues.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      I don’t leave “the” musical genius out of the question. You have not learned enough. Bill had a “lobotomy” in his “later” music, says “Paul”‘s sycophantic biographer.

      Actually, though I do not find all of Bill’s music relatively bad (and many, not all PIDers, agree), his ways of playing and moving and writing are not Paul’s.

      He partly copies styles; partly, he devolves into storytelling with pastiche (Rocky Raccoon, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer), partly has one good idea which repeats (goes nowhere, just gets louder: Hey Jude, Let It Be), partly does good jobs on simple one-on-one style (Blackbird), helps with conducting/arrangement (seems to be able to read music, but this is a subtle argument which I can’t go into here), is very good with pastiche (Honey Pie, Back in the USSR).

      Remember, he is partly a cover artist with a need to work at being a one-man tribute band (imposter, in his case, but he was asked in). Many people can do Beatle imitations; sometimes he’s better, sometimes worse.

      Remember, also: he is, however much a different man, his own artist.

      We do not have to hate him, when we know he helped, etc. You can see the difference, notice the main motivating emotional movements never come back, change immediately, often are not as good, etc.

      This is a subtle set of points; I’ll leave it for the moment. I won’t call him a good lounge or club musician (in some ways, not all, that is what he is), but he’s benefiting from your confusion.

      Paul was a true singing, playing, movement genius — though young and no-one’s perfect.

  • chollie says:

    Yeah…people had a lot of free time back then. And they compiled all these “clues” before the Internet was even an idea..it was fun being a kid and trying to conjure up death clues and spinning the vinyl backwards..hearing the Roby Yong clip brought back some pleasant memories of how am radio used to be…thanks for the “trip”down memory lane,Nat!

    • Happy Nat says:

      You’re quite welcome Chollie – glad that topic has now finally been covered here once and for all. It’s been one I’ve avoided for many years yet people still ask me about it. Now I can just send ’em here and they can read and know what the fuss was all about and then scoff or be amazed or whatever they like.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      There wasn’t just “more time”, like this was all recreation. Some thought it was true (even if it hadn’t been) and were worried and looked; others were (as now) curious.

      However, some clues are quite there; it is what they show, with the history, the direct forensic considerations (music, body, face, etc.) properly assessed and without prejudice, etc., which demonstrate there was a lie — is a lie — and much of a lie is done inside you, through incredulity & upset (through prejudice) & lack of carefulness, not by a perpetrator.

  • Joel Glazier says:

    A nice surprise to read some of the clues here in February 2015. Thanks for taking the time to include so many….(many of which were known in some fashion back in the fall of 1969) which I remember when the rumor first began in that wonderful Abbey Road LP release time. One major point is that only The Beatles could have been subjects of such a story which still resonates for good discussion all these years later, just as their songs do.

  • Stacey says:

    Okay, so we’re supposed to believe that the minute Paul died they were able to find someone who resembled him AND plays the bass, plucked him out of the life he was living, away (forever) from his home, his parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend, job, etc., and with some plastic surgery (in 1966, mind you) dropped him right into the middle of the most famous band on earth. He falls in lock step, learns all the songs and just picks up where the real Paul left off, making music magic. The three remaining Beatles are fine with this and accept him as Paul, work with him as Paul and seemingly continue on as if nothing happened. Their beloved friend that they have known since childhood, loved and practically spent every minute with for the last 5+ years, they are just going to replace him in order to stay on top. Mkay.

    Not only that but they then come up with an idea to play sort of a game with the fans, to leave clues for them in album art and lyrics, of which the new Paul is in on, of course, because he has to pose for all of this stuff on the album cover shots, and collaborate the words in the songs, right? The time that is put into brainstorming these clues, then shooting them and working them into lyrics, has to be significant.

    There’s a saying about if two people know a secret, it won’t be a secret for long. My guess (if I am to believe this) is that no less than 100 people knew the truth at the time it “happened”. The police and people who were on the scene of the crash, Paul’s family and friends, the remaining Beatles and all of their immediate family and friends, everyone associated with the band on a regular basis. Where was Freda at this time, had she come on the scene yet? If so, her; the Apple Scruffs, we can’t forget them as they were camped out on Beatle doorsteps 24/7 – they would definitely have known that Paul was no longer coming home – or did they plunk the new guy in so fast that they never knew the difference? So, all of these people, plus more, all took a vow of silence that they would never tell a soul what they knew, and none of them ever did. Riiiiight.

    LOL, I have to stop now because it’s getting more ludicrous as I write. I like how someone above called it an amusing parlor game. That’s exactly what it was/is, and I’m sure they all, including Paul, had barrels of laughs coming up with all these “clues” for the fans.

    Oh, and one more thing. So, Heather, Mary, Stella, James and Beatrices real last name is Campbell?

    • Happy Nat says:

      Ha! A great debunk Stacey. I believe the look-alike search was supposed to have occurred after-the-fact. Remember The Beatles weren’t in the public eye for the whole later part of ’66 remember – prior to the “Penny Lane”/”Strawberry Fields Forever” single many were wondering if they’d “dried up.” As far as the McCartney kids – yeah, they are supposedly Campbells – or one account has them as “Shears” (i.e. the alias was really “Billy Shears” and not “Billy Campbell). What I’d really like is for Clare Kuehn to respond to you because, unlike me, she is really on board with the whole thing. I’m just relaying out a sketch of the story I’ve heard which, yes, has some unexplained holes. Back in the day it was admittedly fun to search for the clues though and those people are the ones that appreciate this most. Others from the Internet age often get blinded to the fun aspect of it by taking it in with the attitude that someone is actually trying to convince them that it’s all really true and then react by mocking and scoffing. Convincing anyone that our current Paul is an imposter is certainly not the intent here from me. It’s all in perfect keeping with the times and what Tim said below.

      • Stacey says:

        Yes, all in good fun :) I have always known this rumor existed but never really knew any details as I didn’t grow up in The Beatles era. When I became a Beatles fan about five years ago, this story was never anything I gave a moments time to. So, I decided to read this from beginning to end, knowing that you would condense it into an easy to read and complete story. Now I get it, and coming from someone who is reading this for the first time, I have to tell you that it’s a great tale and sounds like maybe something they could have set in motion themselves, maybe even had the whole thing planned from the beginning and the initial announcement was ordered by them when the time was right. Possible? I guess all speculation is plausible, except the part where Paul dies. LOL

        • Happy Nat says:

          Thanks Stacey. The die-hard camp that insist Paul really is dead would have you look at something like this. http://digilander.libero.it/jamespaul/fc1.html

          • Stacey says:

            Against my better judgement, I checked out the site. I may have been a better student if even one of the pictures was in focus.

            The height thing was the best ones, where you can’t see anyone’s feet so you don’t know what kind of shoes they’re wearing. Jane is a girl which means she could be wearing heels or flats. Speaking of Jane, so she went ahead and made the switch from Paul to Faul? Also, they claim that they were all about the same height, but then Ringo looks much shorter then the other three. Hmmmm??

            Even if I believed everything, one thing that I’m sure would never happen; and that’s John minimizing his best friends death and accepting someone else in his place, then making an ongoing game out of it for fans amusement. Not only would he not do that to his friend, he also had a very big ego, I don’t believe he had a fear that they would go down the toilet with out Paul.

            If I stand on my head and tell you you’re upside down, I’d be right, wouldn’t I?

            Great discussion :))

          • Happy Nat says:

            Jane supposedly went along with it as the myth goes – some accounts say Brian paid for her silence but that doesn’t sound right to me. The heights were John, Paul and George at 5’11” and Ringo at 5’8,” and yes, if you stood on your head I would most likely be upside down with everyone else. :-)

          • Clare Kuehn says:

            The heights are under dispute, not only from Paul is Dead advocates.

          • Clare Kuehn says:

            Stacey: of course Jane and family went along.

            Would not you? They were in crisis, with no hope of success without a “Paul” — if they felt that, and would you not? The Beatles are unique in their problems, not that parts of the problems have not been faced before, but this particular group was under specific role in the culture and particular closeness with each other and need for Paul as a writer.

            With crisis, and some intel agent making a suggestion, the rest would bow out of direct decision making until it was underway as a hopeful help.

            This is normal human response.

            Cover-up is something your outrage does not yet understand, either. Most people do not want to stick out as the bad “reporter” of a lie; most don’t have enough direct proof on their own; most keep quiet or hope the problem will “come out” — but when you know more cases, the “coming out” is almost never formal, thus it doesn’t “come out” the way the poor public hopes for.

            Finally, Jane and the rest who have lied by omission, would have had one or two among them who, at different periods, complained or wanted it out more formally. Some have died. Mal Evans is the most clear example: he was writing a book. His diaries were eventually found but almost nothing is printed from them. His book has not been found. He was killed by LAPD cover-up artist cop under suspicious circumstances.

            But killing is not the main thing in a cover-up. Most of it is: “Leave me alone; let us be” and “Have you heard? No? Okay, well it did happen; yah, weird, huh?” and your public’s incredulity.

          • spinetingler says:

            “no hope of success without a “Paul””

            You know that George, Ringo, and John all had successful solo careers after the Beatles, right?

  • Tim says:

    Another clue is that certain herbal jazz cigarettes were a very popular accompaniment to listening to LP’s at the time. All I have to say is, that car crash was the best thing that ever happened to 20th Century music – that is one talented policeman!!

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, it is!!! LOL

      • Stacey says:

        …and we have to add to the people in the know at the time and kept a vow of silence forever, the entire police force (and their family and friends) who lost a fellow officer to the Beatles.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      Well, talent or not, Bill is no Paul.

      You liked the weirdness of the “herbal cigarettes” on your brain and the music, I suppose.

      But if you listen to anything but the catchiness and some arranging, with a few moments of vocal feeling, much of Bill’s talent is overrated, uneven and … even if they were both bad, which Paul was not, Bill is not Paul.

  • John says:

    There was a reissue of the “Macca dead” magazine around maybe 76-78…my mom hid it from me because she felt it was freaking me out. It was, kind of…I later gave it to a friend…wish I still had it!

    • Happy Nat says:

      Yeah I seem to remember a lot of stuff going around about it at that time. It’s amazing how much mythology and lore there is about The Beatles and it keeps resurfacing and never goes away. I only discovered recently that there are millions of fan-fiction writers out there that do all of these made-up stories with The Beatles in them and publish them. It sounds like a sixties thing but it goes on en masse still today. Incredible. Does anybody do this kind of stuff regarding Kanye West?

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      The problem is, it really happened.

      There was much speculation as well, but more & more came out — it’s not like Kanye West.

      Pure manufacturing in a story such as this one will not work.

      We may note that the early references included one in text, nearly from the Beatles themselves (or from them, indirectly) — so it was not all in art.


      Yes, yes, I am well aware that one can stay at this level and still think it’s a joke or hoax or metaphor of some transition, but it normally should not be there, without fanfare, with no text ever again — enough to make a person with an open mind look further.

      It at least means the rumour is related to the Beatles circle and the clues or so-called clues are not all in art form, of course. We could say it started with this text piece, a disclaimer. Or we could see this as an awkward attempt to stem a rumour, which, knowable from other sources, was already going.

      And then we could, if we were not smug, look further.

      Poor Paul. Some of you will never fully consider the death. Enjoy the music of Paul and give Bill more than full credit. But it is unjust.

      If Paul died. And he did.

      • Clare Kuehn says:

        I forgot to mention that the disclaimer was in Feb. 1967 Beatles Book fan magazine, then UK-only.

        You will need to understand George Martin’s coat of arms better, too: what he says he meant (by one aspect of it) and what would logically better explain that aspect and other aspects (a Paul death scenario) … even if it were all a joke that Paul died.

        Then you could think through how a coat of arms is not likely to be made based on a joke.

        Then you could move to other facts and see the whole case over time.

        But you’d have to be patient, willing, justice-minded: that if it occurred, you’d want to know how you’d know. Then decide.

  • Randall B says:

    From a Mad Magazine of the day

    Ringo, Paul, George and John
    Played a trick and put us on.
    Said that Paul was dead as nails
    And rocketed their record sales.

  • Gary Lee says:

    If you record the words “number nine” and play it backwards it says “turn me on dead man” with no audio manipulation at all. So that is coincidental but fascinating…

  • Tim Davis says:

    In reference to the “Batman” comic: The story in that issue is a direct take on the whole “Paul Is Dead” thing. The resolution of the story, however, is rather interesting. Batman investigates the mystery of “Saul Cartwright” perhaps being dead (The clues used by the fictional band are incredibly overt) and finds that “Saul” was in fact the only one of the band who WASN’T an impostor! The OTHER three had died in a plane crash and “Saul” decided to leave clues as to HIS death to draw away curiosity about possible replacement of the others! Hmmmm…..Now that I think about it, Ringo never quite looked as jaunty after 1966!

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      Ignore the confusion of people who wonder if the secret is deeper than Paul’s death and cover-up.

      Some of them are disinfo artists; some are unwilling to ask further but curb for reasonableness — what always happens in crowds of people commenting their momentary thoughts.

      It is odd, but reasonable, that Paul would be so integral an image (figurehead) and friend (help, control), that intel might be able to suggest a double, or at least for a while.

      But anyone who knows how lies spread, knows that cover-up is not what you assume it to be.

  • debjorgo says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that the first album Bill was on, he was supposed to be Paul acting like he was someone else.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      It’s not funny Bill is on an album about a new Band.

      Also, it is only possible to say it’s a ploy if you disregard:

      a) the forensic issues of all kinds, properly treated
      b) the grisliness and sadness in the eulogistic though clever “clues”, which are partly (if Paul died, and he did), for you, and partly to express grief — including Martin’s coat of arms and John’s drawing and many others.

  • GAT says:

    It’s plausible that the whole thing was a ploy to boost interest. It’s also plausible that The Beatles themselves, and their legendary all-exclusive inner circle of four, designed the ploy and then confided in a trusted agent like Neil Aspinall to leak it later. It’s tough to buy that the “clues” are coincidental. A theory that nobody’s ever advanced unless I just missed reading it here: it’s no secret that by 1967 and beyond Sir Paul was the driving force in the inner circle and the deep resentment and disenchantment that grew in the other three materialized as a continuing practical joke on Sir Paul. Hey Paul, since you led us on this Magical Mystery Tour, why don’t you wear a black rose dear leader. Maybe he didn’t get the joke at first, but maybe by the time of Glass Onion he did and just went along with the game. But you get the gist from many interviews through the years and it started with Sir Paul’s idea for SPLHCB and his becoming the self-appointed leader from that point and definitely after Brian Epstein’s death that their was in fact deep resentment that might have spun off into a Lennon-crooked joke hoax. On a sort of related note, the absolute coolest bit of Beatle memorabilia I ever saw belonged to a good friend of mine. He discovered it buried innocently in a group of Beatle albums at a Half-Price Books and Records years ago. He nervously made his way up to the cashier and sheepishly asked how much since it didn’t have a price on it. The cashier had no idea so he paid $20 for a second state Butcher cover. The coolest thing about it by far is it was stamped by an address stamper on front and back and the addressee was a real William Campbell living at an address in Irving Texas!!! Cool!!! Thanks Happy Nat.

  • mark says:

    I noticed on the Hey Jude Cover there is an exception rule and the rule of 3. John and the statue on the right have hats on. If you count 3 in between, Paul should have a hat on. Then there is one living, one dead (statue), and one imposter. I was 8 years old in 2nd grade when I remember my older siblings and their friends discussing the whole Paul is dead question. It was “viral” on the teen scene, and sparked my young imagination. I even developed my own “Beatlescope,” back in the 90’s based on cover clues, birthdates, name similarities, colors, days of the week,
    the musical staff, and other stuff. My friends were impressed. I diagnosed myself as a PAUL, and I don’t feel the least bit dead, although I often feel like the exception to the rule. I love the way you approach this subject, and how you respect all opinions with your comments. A truly great band opens itself up to many creative interpretations of its works, and works to create many interpretations of its band. Long live the Beatles, and RIP John, RIP George, Congrats, Ringo, and can’t wait to see you both (Paul and William), in concert side by side in front of the queen.

  • Dave says:

    This is a fun topic and I have always enjoyed sharing it with others. I always stress it is a hoax and try to explain how it all came about. With that said, I would like to say…..
    If William Campbell was brought in to cover for Paul and “save” the Beatles, then the other three must have really been pissed when “Faul” announced he was leaving the group in 1970……lol
    After all, they brought him in to save the band and he dumps the Beatles!!!!….WOW!!!
    And if he did do that, then I want to thank him for the music he made under the name of Paul McCartney. It’s hard to imagine what music we lost when Paul died but thanks to a talented William Campbell, we have classics such as “Band on the Run”, “Live and Let Die” and Mull of Kintyre” …..Thank you William!!!
    Lastly, if this William Campbell was so talented, why had we not heard of him before 1966? Surely he must have been playing around London somewhere.
    And one more thing, I saw William Campbell in concert last October in Lubbock, Texas.
    He looks a lot like Paul….lmao
    Great topic…thanks for sharing and letting me voice my opinion. ; )~

    • Happy Nat says:

      All good points, of course! Thx, Dave!

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      Your points are rather flimsy thinking, though it is understandable, given your assumptions.

      If Paul died:

      Bill was brought in, under very different circumstances — in a crisis, under a specific decision, which would have normally developed like any hopeful emotional avoidance of crisis, where, once things began to develop, it was already on the road to permanence.

      When the breakup occurred, the attempt to be friends among the new four (same 3, new 1) was breaking up, along with desires to do new things (as all agree was going on). Such relationships are well known: it is only the full reason which is missed by most people. The reason made the distress more contradictory emotionally — fluctuating, blaming, hopeful, resentful, friendly, angry, upset at being controlled, reliant and allowing control, etc.

      The emotional breakup was already underway. Friendship was easier to maintain at more distance, later, and it was still difficult.

      And you saw Bill, a relatively good impersonator sometimes, but a bad one at other times, who’s had some plastic surgery, plus you saw your own mind’s version of who the two men are: that much is your credulity. It’s like an optical illusion. It’s a mental illusion … a third “man” you image, which moves back and forth between Paul and Bill and combines them based on their resemblance, not the things which show they cannot be fully combined.

      If Paul died. He did.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      As to Bill’s “so talented” status: he is not much better than a good musician, a relatively good music writer, etc.: catchy, meaningful at times. He rose up more because he became a Paul figure, but yes, he has some talent.

      We do not know where he was from: background group, intelligence-service son who was trained in music and loved sitting around with Burroughs, etc., listening to tapes backward, getting into the OTO (Crowley), etc. (per himself and Lennon and Laine and his daytimer).

      We do not know his family, but a good guess is Scotland (possibly Campbelltown area), from several arguments. There is also a lot of mistaken material out there about this issue of who he is.

      But he is not Paul. Even if he had the same level of genius — rather than some talent — he is not Paul’s genius, by definition of not being Paul, from all arguments together. A true assessment of his musical ability and talent is fair; but it still does not make him Paul.

      Logic dictates that we can know the level and type of talent Bill has, when we are careful to give Bill only his 1967 credits and be careful as to what was done to make him a bit better for a while.

  • BWB says:

    I say, who let the lunatic loose?

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      Who, me? I am the opposite of a lunatic.

      Read. Learn. Try. Be a proper jury member. You were told and now you can know properly. There is a huge case.

      It includes Martin’s coat of arms, John’s drawing, text reference Feb 1967, testimony of rumour from late 1966, lack of playing bass on film for a 1.5 year period, studies of Mal Evans’ probable text leak, etc.

      It also includes proper — not only improper — forensics (faces, bass playing, voice prints, DNA issues, all of which have different problems and details for you to know), done by people who do a good job, not to mention some professionals. Each item has things you’d have to sift through and become aware of all doubts and all positive arguments on either side.

      Right? Of course right, jury.

  • Clare Kuehn says:

    No, Nat. The alleging of November 9 came from a misunderstanding in the USA mainstream rumour.

    The clue or mention is of 11-9. In UK dating it’s September 11 (9-11 in US dating).

    The early fall is the time when Paul, little boppy, friendly, lively and smart but well behaved fellow, deep friend of John, disappears and the rumour is first heard of. It is also when Epstein cancels all touring forever and all parties for the end of the year. November is when Bill was in Kenya with Mal, getting surgery, per the films of him.

    It is also the date reinforced by the Magical Mystery Tour, partly eulogistic, movie, in that the film was started Sept 11, 1967, and the date of recording (Sept 11, 1968), for John’s “Glass Onion” (the only overt reference to clues/ references, besides the self-evident text from Feb 1967 in Beatles Book fan magazine, then UK-only).

  • Clare Kuehn says:

    The drawing by John is:

    a) complete with dissheveled Beatles boots
    b) forensically typical double-smashed head (forehead “frontal” bone sliding up, dislocating upper eyes and nose bridge, cutting the ear region, plus the upper back of head’s “parietal” bone hanging out — though because the figure is “standing”, dead, that is upward in our view, with the top of head cracked like an egg), reinforced by head injuries of several general types represented in more general clue references
    c) lower legs or ankles seemingly broken, a typical injury when one is impacted by a hit from a car or in a car, and reinforced by emphasis on feet and ankles in several clues


    d) the drawing is from an album where John had cut the top and bottom of the album, enclosing the drawing by folding the front toward the otherwise blank back, creating, as it were, a protected, diary-entry drawing

    There is more, but I’ll leave it at that here.

  • Happy Nat says:

    @Clare – Speaking only for myself, since I’m not a believer that Paul is “long gone” as you say, I have no interest (as you say a “jury” should) in post-breakup investigative, forensic, photo analysis type stuff that is seen on the “pid” forums. That, to me is overwhelming and contradictory of itself. In many cases, it goes completely against anything even remotely plausible. I know this because I’ve looked at it before (trying to keep an opened mind) and it completely lost me. As for the man you say is the fake Paul (or William, or Faul) that has “some talent,” he appears to me (and millions of others apparently) to be extremely talented and I consider it an impossibility that his popularity could only be attributed to who people “think” he is. No, it’s really there. So from there we go to a discussion of how likely it is that someone with that level of talent, as the real Paul obviously had/has and that resembles the real Paul that closely, is left-handed and even has his same vocal characteristics and proficiency in the same instruments – well, with no offense to you intended, it’d probably be easier to locate a three-headed cow on the moon while wearing a blindfold.

  • Bern says:

    Wow! Brought back a lot of memories. A few “clues’ I’d never heard before. I do remember being freaked out the first time I heard this (radio special in 1974 I think..when I was 15.)

    Someone else mentioned the Last Testament of George Harrison DVD. Available thru netflix (dvd side). Worth watching …if only for the fake George voice and the amount of effort someone put into it.


  • Geoff says:

    Fascinating. Purely fascinating. Nat–has this post set the record for most replies to a #akNat ever?

  • Michael Whelan says:

    Hi Nat,

    I remember being GLUED to my local Phx. AZ radio station in late ’69 when the Paul is dead reports hit our town. In addition to many of the clues you mentioned the broadcasts included my first hearing of a bootleg version of “Let It Be” (song) honing in on Paul’s “hour of darkness”. Another “clue” we heard that you didn’t mention was that the debut of William Campbell’s “real” voice was “Lady Madonna” (too funny). Thanks for all the thorough documentation. Sure got a lot of comments!


    • Happy Nat says:

      Thanks Michael – yeah the whole thing spread like wildfire. It was so bizarre how taken people were with it back then and now it just seems like people unfamiliar with the mindset of the day just don’t get it and think you’re a lunatic just for bringing it up.

      • BWB says:

        Assuming the “…think your(sic) a lunatic just for bringing it up.” refers to my comment, I was referring to Clare (for believing that Paul really is dead and the ludicrous arguments she gives in support of that belief), not you, Nat. One of us seems to have the wrong end of the stick.

        • Happy Nat says:

          I wasn’t referring to you BWB or really anyone here – just my overall experience in the past (and on some of the social media forums where some, in just reading the headline and not the post, think that I am trying to convince them that Paul is really dead and then getting all condescending with me).

        • Clare Kuehn says:

          Which argument is ludicrous, BWB?

          Or just your worldview that Bill is wonderful enough to be Paul? Or even if they were both bad, that he simply is Paul?

          Yes, Nat, thanks. I have never been condescending with you for real, either in upset that you were trying to convince me to believe or not to believe this or anything. I have learned that condescension in general (aside from momentary outburst) is not a good way to learn or be sane, though doubt (a form of condescension, attenuated) is very important. It, however — doubt, that is — should work both ways.

          Right, BWB?

      • Michael Whelan says:


        The other interesting sideline to all this is that in the Life article from Oct. of 69 you included Paul all but announced the Beatles had split up and because of the “Paul is dead” angle, no one even noticed!


        • Steve Bruun says:

          I own a copy of that issue of “Life” and I noticed the same thing. He said the Beatles were “over” and “exploded” and no one batted an eye because they were too busy looking for MORE DEATH CLUES IN THE MAGAZINE. (If you hold the front cover up to the light, there’s a car taking Paul’s head off!) His statements to “Life” were much more explicit and to the point than the April 1970 mock interview press release that triggered the “Paul quits” avalanche.

          • Michael Whelan says:


            I agree. McCartney’s LIFE interview, fresh on the heels of Lennon telling the group he was leaving, was by far more straightforward about the Beatles demise than Paul’s “McCartney” release “interview”. To this day I can’t comprehend how LIFE failed to announce such a scoop. How famous would that edition have been!?

        • Clare Kuehn says:

          The real irony is that the bigger news was, in fact, that Paul had died, than that Bill (Sir Paul) expressed how very over the formal togetherness for the Beatles had become and both that fact and the curiosity aspect about clues were part of why people missed the statements by Bill that the Beatles were over.

          With denials raging & recriminations on the public for being “silly”, the bigger news item was smashed with lies and the end of the Beatles (the 2nd configuration) was often missed.

          To be fair to the public, however, “The Beatles are over!” can be a mere emotional statement and in context of the Paul death topic, few might have thought it was anything but a statement of how the Paul death issue was tearing them apart in 1969.

  • Tim Davis says:

    While reading this, I recalled Paul saying the following in reference to writing “Elanor Rigby”: “Then the name Father McCartney came to me, and all the lonely people. But I thought that people would think it was supposed to be about my Dad sitting knitting his socks. Dad’s a happy lad. So I went through the telephone book and I got the name “McKenzie”. I can only imagine where some of this discussion would be going if the lyrics had been “Father McCartney, wiping his hands as he walks from the grave”!

  • Elliott Marx says:

    I believe I have made a few ‘clues’ myself:

    The Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesty’s Request was released on the unfortunate date of December 8, 1967 – exactly an inauspicious 13 months after the car crash. This album is significant because each of The Beatles are hidden on the extravagant album cover. All of their heads are facing forward EXCEPT Paul’s; his head is tilted to the right.

    Before the LP, The Stones released the single We Love You – which featured backing harmonies from John and Paul. This psychedelic song includes the following lyric:

    You will never win “we”
    Your uniforms don’t fit “we”
    We forget the place we’re in
    Cause we love you
    We love you. Of course, we do

    This lyric welcomes Paul’s replacement into the British rock pantheon and serves as a winking acknowledgement of the entire scam.

  • Michael Myers says:

    Hey Happy Nat, here’s a link to the George Martin coat of arms. I guess this is what is being referred to in the previous posts.

    I see three beetles/Beatles and a shape across the middle which could be interpreted as a tire skid mark in water (waves) cutting through the middle of the group, although it’s meant to be a musical staff and puzzle pieces, I guess.


    • Clare Kuehn says:

      There are three stag beetles for 3 Beatles. When asked (since that much is obvious), Martin claimed John was left off (forever!) because of the killing in 1980. Rather implausible.

      There is a tread-mark like design, yes, and 5 lines (like musical staves, yes), for treads. But where’s the water? What you are seeing is the rounded edges on the white tire-tread edges. Very pretty.

      Eulogy for a “hoax” dead Beatle or really: 3 Beatles after Paul and honouring method of death (white car and impact), plus 3 Beatles after John (Bill as new legal Paul, and Ringo, George), plus 5 lines for tread mark plus for 5 total Beatles and for musical staves.

      Very clever.

      All for a hoax — into eternity for his heirs. How odd.

      Or it’s nothing. Like every other item in hundreds of grisly, detailed and interrelated clues, all forensic & social & psychological and cover-up theoretical considerations from ordinary cases and so on.

      Or he died.
      He died.

    • Clare Kuehn says:

      Oh, you got water from blue background.

      1. No, Blue – Azure signifies (as in, “true blue”): *loyalty, *truth & sometimes chastity, strength or faith.

      For God and empire, as he says, and to the Beatles and music … and Paul himself, if all the rest is considered.

      2. What would water mean here?

      When a conclusion is considered, it is the best or better argument and conclusion from all the evidence fully known and considered, wherever a decision can be made at all.

      Paul is long gone.
      But of course, it is not the only thing in Beatles history and music worth note, pun intended.

    • Steve Bruun says:

      I read that Ringo article, and the comments at the end. Apparently the commenters didn’t read the web site’s own disclaimer:
      “WNDR assumes…all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.”
      Even the name “World News Daily Report” harkens back to the infamous “Weekly World News” tabloid, which gave the world “Bat Boy.”

      • Happy Nat says:

        Yes it was pretty obvious after merely reading the headline that it is a send up. I just thought it coincidental to come out so soon after this article.

        • Steve Bruun says:

          They’re just trying to throw us off the trail because we’re getting TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH.

          Tragically, politicians in the US and abroad have been taken in by satirical “news” stories, even from such obvious joke sites as The Onion. The Internet is a wonderful thing in ten thousand ways, but it has not always been a boon to the promotion of critical thinking skills.

        • CK says:

          The Ringo article is disinfo as are the Mirror UK articles: they both repeat errors (as does this article, but Nat means well); the Ringo one also has no good sourcing; the Mirror article on the clues also uses a 1968 photo as 1966, plus it’s not in the series at the photographer’s page, one there is mislabeled 1965, one as 1966 but all of the others are labeled 1968 … and it’s obviously 1968 and not Paul, himself (if one is not suffering from long-term delusion).

          And Nat: Paul’s death is not a religion. It’s a typical assassination — though discussing that is sadly beyond this superficial article. Anyway, it involved infiltration for several reasons, plus breaking of spirit within a group, but this one involved mostly innocent people into being “bad” in their confusion, i.e., in a cover-up (the Beatles and their circle).


          • Happy Nat says:

            There are several (hundred?) interpretations of all of these so-called “clues” CK and NONE are right because Paul is alive and well. How one interprets them is really up to them and none of them are any more accurate than the other. As you say, it’s “disinfo.” I published one take of the hoax simply because of it’s legendary status at one time – though now that’s largely diminished. The recent Onion-like article allegedly but obviously not from Ringo is simply BS. Of course the fabricated follow up from Paul is the same. The timing on those made me wonder if this article inspired them.

      • CK says:

        No, Nat: one is correct — that Paul is quite DEAD, because all other interpretations leave out PART OF THE EVIDENCE. When cataloged and understood in contexts, with hair directionality, facial bone structures, doctored imagery, timing of REAL rumour, grief and horror in the behaviour and meanings of the clues (which are mostly NATURAL, not clues), plus the events of late 1966, the way Sir P (Bill) behaves, his biographical statements (e.g., twice that he had factory jobs before joining the Beatles, and that he joined the band an “already set-up affair, and that he’d been “watching old films of the Beatles” so to “play it like that” as he said in the Let It Be film), plus the way Paul had been hanging with Mark Lane 2.5 years after the assassination, plus Sir P (Bill’s) interest in intellectualist subjects, his lack of vocal range and feeling at key times — though he’s good enough — and his body language while playing (never keeps time with his head and body sinuously), the fake ears, John’s drawing, George Martin’s (and Sir P’s — Bill’s) coats of arms (though I didn’t get into that for you), testimony from Mike McGear and subtly from John, despite all the denials, testimony from Lari and Barrow and the early text disclaimer, Mills is not the brightest but repeatedly spoke of her box of evidence and a deep fright and public betrayal (not marital or anything like that) that “the world is not ready for” but how she had to protect herself and her daughter (and no, it’s not so much for money, since she didn’t get very much in terms of the lifestyle they all live), ON AND ON AND ON …

        Paul is long gone. Sorry, man. Love ya, but you’re wrong and no-one is going to “tell” you in the way you’d hope. Why? You got your dream and they’d not want to stick their neck out: Mal, probably Tara, Eppie and even others died related to this secret, but also, who’d want to

        • Happy Nat says:

          Back to my analogy that it takes on the aspects of a religion for some. You appear to be a true and devoted missionary for the cause of convincing people of a truth that most see as non-existent.

  • CK says:

    No, Nat: you just don’t get it, work through it from that side enough to know where your errors might be — and, it turns out, are.

  • Happy Nat says:

    Clare – looking at this site, it seemed very convincing at first until I blew the photos up in Photoshop only to find that the photos of Paul had all been slightly altered (pixelation is obvious) to make the shape of head and features fail to line up. Somebody really has a lot of time on their hands. If you want to believe something bad enough, you can take in the faulty rationale and make it happen (much like a religion).

    • CK says:

      Nat, photos have to come from what’s available on line. Look up the originals. They match the versions here, overall. Much love.

      • Steve Bruun says:

        The external site discussed above focuses a lot on facial structure, hard to discern from low-resolution photos – and the specific expression on one’s face can change, for instance, the shape of one’s chin.

        Another big point is that Paul’s height, relative to John’s height, appears to change after Paul’s alleged death. But it’s not hard to find some photos where, say, George appears to be taller than John, and others where John appears to be taller than George.

        I’d be interested to see what real evidence there is of Paul’s death. Not “this seems fishy” evidence, I mean actual evidence (verified fingerprints not matching, DNA not matching, police reports of a car accident, etc.) There’s talk of William Campbell winning a Paul McCartney lookalike contest – has anyone come up with so much as a newspaper clipping to show that this contest ever took place? Old telephone books that list a “William Campbell” in 1966 but then he’s gone? Local news stories about Mr. Campbell’s mysterious disappearance?

        Paul’s father was alive in 1966, and his brother is still around now, as well as a considerable extended family. Did none of them notice? Have they ALL been bought off?

        A proper investigation starts with the evidence and leads to a conclusion. The diehard “Paul Is Dead” advocates have it the wrong way around, starting with a conclusion and then evaluating the evidence based on how well is supports the preconceived conclusion. Contrary evidence is to be dismissed as part of the coverup. How do you know something is “disinfo”? Because you’ve actually checked it out? Or because it doesn’t fit the theory and therefore MUST be discredited?)

        • Happy Nat says:

          Photos on sketchy homespun websites pawned off as unadulterated “evidence” that show obvious signs of pixel-pasting and skewing when blown up and examined are one good example of disinfo. There always seems to be an excuse for not obtaining “real evidence.” I actually thought the whole “clue searching” endeavor from the sixties perspective was kind of cool and a bit legendary. But when the later “forensics” took it way out of proportion, that ruined it for me.

          • BWB says:

            I concur, Nat: taken as an amusing parlor game or an interesting piece of Beatle lore, the ‘Paul is Dead’ clue search can be quite entertaining. (It was the topic of a speech I gave in my high school public speaking class in the 70’s – for which I lost points because I wore a Bob Dylan tee-shirt while doing so.) But as you say, the people who take it seriously tend to ruin it, especially fanatics like CK.

            Even her barely coherent ramblings were perversely amusing for a while, but the absurd “Paul died for us” comment completed the transition from amusement to tedium. I don’t know if she’s delusional or merely a dedicated troll, but in either case, enough is enough. (I know I don’t have to read her postings, but it’s kind of like passing a nasty accident: one doesn’t want to look, but it’s virtually impossible not to.)

            CK, why don’t you give it a rest? Or will you next be trying to convince us that Elvis didn’t die, he just went home?

          • CK-Kuehn-CK says:

            Elvis did not die!

            He just left the building.

            I am having a problem logging in.

            Uh huh huh.

        • Happy Nat says:

          All yours Steve, as I ‘just don’t get it’…

          • Steve Bruun says:

            This is a comments page, not a newsgroup or discussion forum. Any attempt at point-by-point rebuttals would quickly grow tedious (yes, Paul is shorter in the photo on the left; his legs are bent and he’s wearing different shoes in the two pictures). I will only offer this point: I asked for evidence and it has not been forthcoming. Evidence of Paul McCartney’s death would be something where a disinterested observer would look at it and conclude that Paul McCartney died. The “clues” presented don’t meet this standard. Rather, they must be approached with the preconceived presumption that Paul died, and “interpreted” accordingly. John Lennon drew a typically bizarre drawing. One must presume that it depicts Paul, and one must presume that irregularities in what is clearly a rough sketch are meant to depict specific injuries in forensic detail. Starting from the premise that Paul is dead, and working backwards to fit “clues” into that presumption, is not making a case with evidence. It’s defense of an orthodoxy, which (I suspect) is what Happy Nat was getting at with his “religion” comparison.

            The Mark Lane issue is telling. Setting aside that the Mark Lane/McCartney connection does not appear to have surfaced until decades after the fact, there is another implausible presumption at play here – that people who know too much about the JFK assassination are murdered by a mysterious cabal to keep the information from getting out. The hole in this logic is that this same cabal has somehow been absolutely powerless to stop Mark Lane, and many, many others like him, from publishing countless books over the last 50 years, describing, to a mass audience, this gigantic conspiracy.

    • CK says:

      So lovely Nat finally gets a sane comment and he deflects to the idea that pixellation means doctoring. Let me tell you, Nat, doctoring is done by your side — not you. It was also done by the Beatles people, of course (one way was to use extreme lenses and cropping to make Bill — Sir Paul — look preternaturally “boyish” but it makes him look stupid).

      Hi, Steve:

      to UNDERSTAND the height issue, you have to be careful. Lenses (even ordinary ones) will exaggerate height when two people are in front of one another, plus there is can be called absolute geometric perspective as well.

      A good example of the height difference is here (but then you have to understand internal proportions as well, for the bodies, since Bill could be wearing heels and the lens and position of the body as in mid-stride on Paul on the earlier photo is affecting him, as well, though Mal is also mid-stride).

      We may also note many “convenient” things for the case.

      A few more are: they did not play on film for 1.5 years (air instruments only),
      and Bill used a Rickenbacker (longer neck) for years,
      then claims the original Hofner was stolen,
      had a Hofner “custom built” for himself,
      yet guitars are — if one is CAREFUL — a good scale in photos for height comparisons.

      We may note tons of these sorts of things in the case. A lot of other things are also present.

      I can’t get into every aspect of every photo, every clue, every historical point or biographical statement here or all aspects of both coats of arms or John’s eulogistic drawing. Suffice to say: all the evidence when carefully considered (not merely as individual pieces, but including that), points to a very COMPLETE case for replacement, and a fairly complete case for death …

      or it is ALL nonexistent or a JOKE which does not have any surprises.

      Which do YOU think? Not which do you WANT to be true?

      Paul was killed because the little gentleman got involved with Mark Lane within 2.5 years of the JFK assassination, wanted to do “more” than be a Beatle, he said, for his future children, and would have helped with the upcoming film the next year.

      Gone. 48 1/2 years. And to not get it is one thing, but to malign it is ad hoc, perceptually biased and incomplete.

      RIP Paulie. And yes, people such as Denny Laine know. But would they (or you?) stick your neck out? No way.

      • CK says:

        Here is the best SINGLE height comparison, but do not ad hoc the evidence. I went over the things which can be considered problems, objections. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IxEv9cM4GPI/UU3hYqedN0I/AAAAAAAAAHU/Z9Tc7b65y0g/s1600/Paul_mccartney_mal_evans.jpg

        In any case, one must become familiar with ALL evidence, all details, all objections, all answers.

        RIP Paul, though.

        And Bill’s okay — but he’s an agent; he has to be not only to have been picked by intel so quickly or beforehand, but also in his interests and his bad attitude coming out so often. He’s no cake walk — but he IS a Beatle, has kept up the “Beatles” for years now in the public mind, and has some talent.

        But he benefits not only from Paul’s actual death, but from PUTTING DOWN THE EARLY MUSIC in favour of the later “weird” and often somewhat sad music.

        Ironically: it is the association of the EARLY to MID music which gives him his “cachet”, but then people want to make the early music seem “just youthful”. It’s brilliant — not just Paul’s musical role (yes, PAUL’s), but all of them at that time.

        PAUL should be restored, though, to the amazing contributions he made.

      • CK says:

        So, Steve Braun.

        You have some work to do; it’s not too hard but it requires patience and fairness to a case.

        Of course, that’s how I approached it; not that Lincoln faked his death or all the Beatles were replaced … but figure out WHY people can hold those things.

        The only way to do that is to learn ALL cases out there and as completely and fair-mindedly as possible. Paul’s death case happens to be one which holds up on all fronts and with all key points in line to keep it on track, without all Beatles being replaced (as some now get confused by — but that was started as disinfo and is disprovable).

        Paul died for us. Sadly.


      • CK says:

        And because I could not submit 3 links in one post here, here are two others:


  • Paul Sheppard says:

    One clue that I wish would die is that “goo goo g’joob” has anything to do with Finnegan’s Wake or Humpty Dumpty. While the words “goo goo goosth” appear in James Joyce’s book, they are not the “last words” of Humpty Dumpty. It is unlikely that they were the inspiration for the IATW lyric either.

  • JPMac says:

    Love this stuff…..


  • Bendroza says:

    You are, of course, all aware that the
    posters Clare Kuehn and CK are the same person, aren’t you? Clare Kuehn or Flare Fuehn the Kuehn Artist (that’s “con” artist) is a well known troll and has a multitude of aliases.She continually trawls comment pages such as this.
    Under no circumstances should you engage with this functioning psychopathic wingnut Kuehn or with her aliases.

    Thank you.

    This is a public information comment.

    • Clare Kuehn CK says:

      Of all nonsensical crap … of course CK is I. It’s been obvious from the start. I had a problem logging in. I don’t use aliases. “Flare” was some stupid name made up for me on Twitter when a disinformation jerk created two impersonation accounts I complained loudly about and proved it to Twitter. It is you who are the loose cannon and can’t grasp that CK was always (scroll up) clearly I.

  • Rob C. says:

    Most people don’t pay attention to genetics/traits passed from parent to child. Paul and Faul both wore bangs almost all of the time but the early Paul had only one photo that shows him with his hair short and showing his hairline with a widow’s peak. Widow’s peak at 8:45 in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHT4fFLk1k0 Paul’s hairline looks exactly like Steven “McCartney” Dickinson, the man who claims that his father was James Paul McCartney and his mother was Irene Mottram Dickinson. Stephen was fathered shortly before JPMc’s death/disappearance. Stephen was born on July 10, 1967 in Liverpool and has a very similar shape of head as well as the semi-circle eyebrows and roundish ears with earlobes attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvtIGhh7gxI Stephen’s nose (crooked at the bridge) looks a lot like Paul’s brother’s nose. There is also the issue of eye color. Early Paul had chocolate brown eyes while post-1966 Faul has hazel-colored eyes. The ears are also as telling as the teeth. Faul’s teeth do not resemble Paul’s teeth. Also, the hands are dissimilar. Paul had longer thinner fingers that Faul, who has shorter fingers.

    What is needed is an DNA test from each of the four child paternity suit claimants (one from Liverpool, one from Seattle, a purported daughter in France and another in Germany) compared to one another and compared to see see if there is a match to the DNA of Paul McCartney’s brother, Peter Michael “Mike” McCartney. See photo at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2607398/I-Beatle-Maccas-little-brother-reveals-HE-bands-drummer-Scout-camp-accident-wrecked-dream.html

  • JPMac says:

    Paul never had a widows peak that I’ve ever seen. He has a cowlick, to the right of center as you look at him….he now parts his hair oppositecombs left to right…check out photos from the last photo shoot on August 22 1969 at Johns Tittenhurst home..

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