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The Night That Changed America tribute concert

Posted by on January 30, 2014 at 11:20 pm.

The Night That Changed America tribute concert in Los Angeles’ Convention Center last Monday night (Jan. 27, 2014) included a long list of musicians performing Beatles classics before Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney closed the show. The event was described on the Grammy’s website as a performance considered by many historians and critics as one of the most important moments in music and television. The entire concert will air on February 9 (2014) – the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in America (check local listings).


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr celebrating 50 years since invading America

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr celebrating 50 years since invading America


Spoiler warning! The star-studded set list follows:

  1. All My Loving – Maroon 5
  2. Ticket to Ride – Maroon 5
  3. Don’t Let Me Down – John Mayer & Keith Urban
  4. In My Life – Ed Sheeran
  5. Let It Be – Alicia Keyes & John Legend
  6. Revolution – Imagine Dragons
  7. Yesterday – Katy Perry
  8. Fool on the Hill – The Eurythmics
  9. Here Comes the Sun – Pharrell Williams, Brad Paisley, Cirque du Soliel acrobats
  10. Hey Bulldog – Davide Grohl and Jeff Lynne
  11. Something – Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh & Dhani Harrison
  12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Gary Clark, Jr. w/Joe Walsh & David Grohl
  13. We Can Work It Out – Stevie Wonder (2 takes)
  14. Matchbox – Ringo Starr
  15. Boys – Ringo Starr
  16. Yellow Submarine – Ringo Starr
  17. Magical Mystery Tour – Paul McCartney
  18. Birthday – Paul McCartney
  19. Get Back – Paul McCartney
  20. I Saw Her Standing There – Paul McCartney
  21. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Paul McCartney
  22. With a Little Help From My Friends – Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr
  23. Hey Jude – Paul McCartney w/Ringo Starr on drums, backing vocals

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  • Elliott Marx says:

    I was disappointed that Sean seems to have made no contribution at all, in spite of clearly attending both Grammy events. I have read that Paul and Ringo are still to tape a segment with Letterman in New York. I believe it is being filmed for the prime time special and not Letterman’s show. So, though slight, there is a chance that more music may be prepared for The Night that Changed America.

    I am shocked that Ringo did Boys and Matchbox and not I Want to be Your Man or either of his Beatles compositions; especially since an Octopus’ Garden picture book is soon to be published. Oh well, I am excited to watch whatever we get!

  • Stephen says:

    Thanks, Nat.

    Of course Ringo is barely playing drums and will be doubled by Abe on Hey Jude, I’m sure.

    I’ve caught a majority of his All-Starr tours and only last years did it look like he made an effort to learn the tunes he was drumming on.

    The Grammy’s when he played, again he was doubled by Abe.

    He’s old, understandably, but… we all want it the way it was. Which is never going to happen.

    Cheers! Looking forward to watching this on the 9th.

    • Happy Nat says:

      Stephen, I saw Abe playing on the “Queenie Eye” performance which may be one that Ringo is not quite that familiar with. I can understand that he was probably more comfortable to follow along with Abe for that one. I don’t think Ringo’s age or ability is a factor if they include Abe on “Hey Jude” though. If that were the case Ringo probably wouldn’t feel comfortable doing another tour this year as he has just released dates for. Looking forward to watching this too!

  • Elliott Marx says:

    Ringo’s appearance with Paul at the Grammy Awards was more symbolic than it was musical. Queenie Eye has some very distinctive (yes, Ringo-like) fills throughout, and has several sections of varying dynamics which take some listens to be able to feel. This seems like a task that a few, scant rehearsals could not completely prepare you for. Why attempt it live on national television?
    I completely believe that Queenie Eye is a song that Ringo could play well, given time to master the changes.
    My question is, where is the next single from New? Sunday seemed like a great night to launch it.

    • Michael Whelan says:


      Completely agree on the point you made about the next NEW single. Wouldn’t it have been great to see Paul do “Save Us”?? Perfect rock song for that show, and even better if Paul played electric guitar for it as he does on the album…


      • Elliott Marx says:

        Save Us would have been excellent, but it would have been even more poignant to perform Early Days with Ringo adding light touches here and there.

  • Lennonista says:

    Hey, Nat… I was at the concert!! I was lucky enough to score a pair of tickets about three hours before the show began. Eric Idle introduced a short video bio of John, and just after he said “John,” I shouted out loudly. Hope you’ll be able to hear it. ;-)

    What a gorgeous and surreal moment it was to see Ringo singing next to Paul as he played, with large photos of John and George popping up on the screen behind them. Just being in the same room with them, as well as Yoko, Sean, Olivia, Dhani… well, you can imagine how much I dug it!

  • BWB says:

    The set list above has Paul opening with ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, yet the TV broadcast didn’t include the performance and I can’t find it on YouTube. Is the set list incorrect or was the song cut from the broadcast for some reason? If it was played, does anyone know where it can be viewed online? Thanks.

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