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Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Nowhere To Go” (1970 George Harrison demo)

Posted by on November 4, 2013 at 5:00 am.

Welcome to the Beatles Rarity of the Week. After George Harrison’s final session for The White Album, recording “Savoy Truffle” on October 14th, 1968, he traveled to Los Angeles where he began work as producer for Jackie Lomax’s debut solo album for Apple, Is This What You Want?. George had donated his composition “Sour Milk Sea” to Jackie which had been recorded and released as a single over the summer and that track would feature on the upcoming album as well.

While in L.A., George also found time to do some recording for himself with the assistance of synthesizer expert Bernie Krause – the fruits of which are an experimental instrumental called “No Time Or Space” which ended up filling one side of his 1969 Zapple LP Electronic Sound. By the Thanksgiving holiday period, George, with his wife Pattie Boyd, had finished up in L.A. and were visiting Bob Dylan and his family for a few days near Woodstock, NY.

Alternate photo from All Things Must Pass photo shoot, 1970

Alternate photo from All Things Must Pass photo shoot, 1970

George explains in his book I Me Mine (1980) that shortly before his visit, Bob had recently recovered from breaking his neck in a motorcycle accident and, after getting himself back together, had completed his Nashville Skyline album. After a couple days George and Bob got the guitars out and wrote a couple songs together. The first of these was “I’d Have You Anytime” which ended up as the delicately beautiful opener for George’s All Things Must Pass triple album set in 1970. Another is a song called “Nowhere To Go” which was considered for All Things Must Pass but did not make the final cut. Lyrically, “Nowhere To Go” seems mostly George’s words, as they pertain to his bitterness over much of his Beatle-years and anguish over the police and drug busts (John Lennon and Yoko Ono had just been busted at home the preceding month back in the U.K.).

Sometime around late May 1970, just prior to the actual sessions for All Things Must Pass, George demoed candidate songs for the album on guitar for producer Phil Spector in the studio. His live performance of “Nowhere To Go” features only his vocal along with his own electric guitar accompaniment. Since the track was never completed, there has been no official release over the years. However I have George’s demo for Phil on hand for your review below.


George Harrison - Nowhere To Go


Extra info: It was also during George’s visit that Bob showed George his composition “I Don’t Want To Do It” which George eventually recorded for the Porky’s Revenge soundtrack some 15 years later and also released as a single.


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5) Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison – 2009 remastered hits compilation by George Harrison featuring 1985 Bob Dylan cover of “I Don’t Want To Do It.”

6) Electronic Sound – Import 1996 remastered CD of George Harrison’s experimental 1969 LP of synthesizer music and special effects.

7) Nashville Skyline – 2004 remaster of Bob Dylan’s original 1969 release of country-flavored classics like “Lay Lady Lay.”

8) Is This What You Want? – 2010 remaster of original 1969 LP by Jackie Lomax produced by George Harrison with contributions from George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney on George’s composition “Sour Milk Sea.”

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