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The Beatles’ On Air – Live At The BBC Vol. 2 coming in November 2013

In November 1994 Apple Records made a celebrated triumphant return after not having a release since Ringo Starr’s hits compilation LP Blast From Your Past 19 years earlier. The comeback was initiated with Live At The BBC – a 2-CD collection of Beatles BBC radio performances recorded between 1963 and 1965. Since then they’ve brought us everything from The Beatles Anthologies, Yellow Submarine Songtrack, the One collection, a “naked version of the Let It Be LP, the Love mash-ups, an entire remastering of the complete Beatles catalog on CD and vinyl and even restored versions of most of The Beatles films. Now that Apple has gone full circle, it is releasing a second collection of BBC radio recordings by The Beatles called On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 that promises to be every bit as entertaining as the first. It will be a 2-disc CD set containing 63 tracks (23 tracks of studio banter) and packaged with a 48-page book with new photos and an introduction by Paul McCartney.

The complete track listing is as follows:

Disc 1:
1. “And Here We Are Again” (Speech)
2. “Words Of Love”
3. “How About It, Gorgeous?” (Speech)
4. “Do You Want To Know A Secret”
5. “Lucille”
6. “Hey, Paul…” (Speech)
7. Anna (Go To Him)”
08. “Hello!” (Speech)
9. “Please Please Me”
10. “Misery”
11. “I’m Talking About You”
12. “A Real Treat” (Speech)
13. “Boys” (also on “Baby It’s You” CD-single issued in 1995)
14. Absolutely Fab (Speech)
15. “Chains”
16. “Ask Me Why”
17. “Till There Was You”
18. “Lend Me Your Comb” (also on “Beatles Anthology 1″ CD set issued in 1995)
19. “Lower 5E” (Speech)
20. “The Hippy Hippy Shake”
21. “Roll Over Beethoven”
22. “There’s A Place”
23. “Bumper Bundle” (Speech)
24. “P.S. I Love You”
25. “Please Mister Postman”
26. “Beautiful Dreamer”
27. “Devil In Her Heart” (recorded on Sep 3, 1963, “Baby It’s You” CD-single version recorded Jul 16, 1963)
28. “The 49 Weeks” (Speech)
29. “Sure To Fall (In Love With You)”
30. “Never Mind, Eh?” (Speech)
31. “Twist And Shout”
32. “Bye, Bye” (speech)
33. “John – Pop Profile” (Speech)
34. “George – Pop Profile” (Speech)

Disc 2
1. “I Saw Her Standing There”
2. “Glad All Over”
3. “Lift Lid Again” (Speech)
4. “I’ll Get You”
5. “She Loves You”
6. “Memphis, Tennessee”
7. “Happy Birthday Dear Saturday Cub”
8. “Now Hush, Hush” (Speech)
9. “From Me To You”
10. “Money (That’s What I Want)”
11. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
12. “Brian Bathtubes” (Speech)
13. “This Boy”
14. “If I Wasn’t In America” (Speech)
15. “I Got A Woman”
16. “Long Tall Sally”
17. “If I Fell”
18. “A Hard Job Writing Them” (Speech)
19. “And I Love Her”
20. “Oh, Can’t We? Yes We Can” (Speech)
21. “You Can’t Do That”
22. “Honey Don’t”
23. “I’ll Follow The Sun” (also on “Baby It’s You” CD-single issued in 1995)
24. “Green With Black Shutters” (Speech)
25. “Kansas City (Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey)”
26. “That’s What We’re Here For” (Speech)
27. “I Feel Fine” (Studio Out-take)
28. “Paul – Pop Profile” (Speech)
29. “Ringo – Pop Profile” (Speech)


Cover art for On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2, Nov. 2013

Cover art for On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2, Nov. 2013


The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970 by Kevin Howlett

The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970 by Kevin Howlett

Released in conjunction with the set is a carefully curated collection of the surviving transcripts of the Beatles’ appearances on BBC Radio and Television from 1962 to 1970, featuring commentary from author and Beatles expert Kevin Howlett and rare photographs and memorabilia from the BBC. The title of this attractive 336 page hardbound volume is The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970.

Although the first Live At The BBC didn’t use any of the earliest Beatles BBC recordings from 1962, they actually go all the way back to March of that year. With nearly 270 recordings made between then and May of 1965, this adds up to around 9 and a half hours of music in all. Only 56 of these tracks appeared on Apple’s first BBC collection (click here for a track listing). In addition to that set only four other tracks have been released officially. They are “Lend Me Your Comb” on The Beatles Anthology 1 CD set and three B-sides to a 1995 CD single of “Baby It’s You” – “Boys,” “Devil In Her Heart” and “I’ll Follow The Sun” (I’m not counting “Baby It’s You” itself since it also appeared on Live At The BBC). All of these appear on the new set but “Devil In Her Heart” is a different version. Other BBC recordings by The Beatles have only been available in the bootleg market.

As with Apples’ first BBC collection, this set will include a few bits of humorous chat sessions between The Beatles and the likes of the BBC radio personalities of the day such as Brian Matthew and Alan Freeman (23 studio banter tracks, to be exact). The new set was reported earlier to be planned for release during the first week of October 2013 but the latest is that it will be out in November. The first BBC collection will also be remastered and repackaged for November release. Stay tuned!

Here are some Amazon links to read more on, or purchase music related to this post:

1) On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 – complete set on CD, vinyl or mp3 download. Pre-orders only until Nov. 11, 2013.

2) On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 – 2013 2-CD new collection of BBC material by The Beatles (pre-order only until November 11th 2013).

3) The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970 – 336 page hardbound volume by Beatles expert Kevin Howlett concerning The Beatles appearances on the BBC. (pre-order only until October 29th, 2013).

4) Live at the BBC – original 2-CD 1994 BBC collection.

5) Baby It’s You – 4-track 1995 CD single containing 3 BBC tracks listed above that are not included on Live At The BBC – “Boys,” “Devil In Her Heart” and “I’ll Follow The Sun.”

6) Anthology 1 – 1995 2-CD collection of Beatles out-takes and extras recorded between 1958 and 1964. Includes BBC recording of “Lend Me Your Comb” not available on Live At The BBC.

7) Beatles/Beatles-related Music: The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

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  • Ian Shanley says:

    Cannot wait to obtain these ‘new’ recordings! As always the fab 4 will take us back in time to the runway that would help modern music take flight.

  • Steve Beauchampe says:

    I don’t think they’d release a new disc(s) of interview-only material even if they had sufficient speech content. I understand that it’s billed as Volume 2 on the Universal internal release schedule (so is therefore a stand alone item rather than their turning the 1994 release into a triple disc set) and aside from the EP tracks that would surely feature there’s no shortage of other recordings of songs available that didn’t not feature on Volume 1, such as She Loves You.

  • I’ve been collecting BBC shows for roughly 40 some odd years and there is an abundance of material that still is officially unreleased. Apple has really missed the mark in 1994 with the first released set, they’ve chosen quality over content. For the novice “The Beatles at the BBC” (1994)this was a splendid collection of recordings. As a die hard collector I would have rather heard the complete first show with Paul singing “Dream Baby.” Historically, you can’t top this show. I wish they would just put out a complete Box Set that would include everything. But that’s Apple for you, we’re still waiting for the Let It Be Movie to be released.

    • Happy Nat says:

      True Frank. I’ve covered some issues with releasing the Let It Be film here on this site as well as featured a few of the unreleased BBC recordings including “Dream Baby” (back in 2007) which you can hear here.

      • Pat says:

        So why isn’t “Dream Baby” included in the new set? They always seem to leave out at least one rarity such as “Love of the Loved” on Anthology 1 and “Carnival of Light” on Anthology 2. Perhaps they will put “Dream Baby” on a CD single like “Baby It’s You.”

        • YouKnowMyNameLookUpThe# says:

          To me, the fact that it’s volume 2 implies there may be a volume 3 and maybe 4? But yes, there can also be singles/EPs/iTunes bonus tracks that can drive us all mad buying content more than once or twice.

        • Happy Nat says:

          The source recording of “Dream Baby” I believe was taped directly from a broadcast and therefore the quality suffers. While it’s a good performance, the quality of many of the other tracks from 1963 on are actually sourced from the BBC archive. So with so much BBC material to pick and chose from to compile the set, Apple considered what had the better quality sound. BUT…you can listen to “Dream Baby” here.

  • YouKnowMyNameLookUpThe# says:

    There is also a Ken Howlett book coming out covering the transcriptions of the BBC shows they appeared on in the 60s in October. Hmmm the season of the BBC and the Beatles coming soon!

    I would still enjoy the Xmas messages being released over this! lol But, I’ll take this too! ;-)

  • Tony Bramwell and myself are very fond of all the BBC recordings (both officially and unofficially released)because it is, as Tony puts it, “listening to The Beatles and not the Mop Tops.” Tony explained to me that after the release of She Loves You, they became the Mop Tops. The true BEATLES played the clubs around Liverpool and Hamburg. They were a hard working rock ‘n’ roll band that played 8 hours a night, not 20-30 min shows. For your enjoyment a comprehensive list of songs played by The Beatles in 1961 can be found at http://www.tonybramwell.com. Personally I am more excited about the book than the CDs. But I’ll get both, you can count on it.

  • Tony says:

    Why wait until November? The blog “Pee-Pee Soaked Heckhole” has the ENTIRE Purple Chick collection (10 discs plus bonus interview disc) available as we speak – superb quality, and every single one of the 600+ songs have been annotated with BBC program names and dates of broadcast.

    • YouKnowMyNameLookUpThe# says:

      I suppose we are waiting until November because that’s the release date for this set. With or without any other releases (from Apple or another “brand”) I would be buying this set anyway. See, as a collector I don’t just collect what can’t be gotten normally, I also collect whatever I can afford of which is “officially released” by the Beatles. So, THAT’S why we are waiting until November. ;-)

  • Stacia says:

    Ok, I’m super late to this game. I need to check the site more than just from the weekly email. Was there a beatles.com email?

    Has anyone heard anything more about the remastering for Vol 1? Like, is it real reamastering? I still listen to those discs lots. I have all the boots, but a Giles Martin remaster could be worth it. He should give a try with Free as a Bird and Real Love.

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