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Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Somedays” (early sampler mix)

Posted by on May 20, 2013 at 6:00 am.

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. As someone who makes a wholehearted effort to collect every single bit of released music by each of the four Beatles, I can tell you that there is no bigger challenge than to keep up with one Sir Paul McCartney. This week’s BROW is one that I almost missed.

Back in January 1997, some four months before the release of Paul’s Flaming Pie CD, Capitol Records put out a 6-track sampler CD distributed only to a small number of Capitol executives. The sampler contained the following tracks that were to see a commercial release on Flaming Pie the following May 5th: “The World Tonight,” “Flaming Pie,” “Used To Be Bad,” “Beautiful Night,” “Young Boy” and “Somedays.”

Paul McCartney performing in the studio, 1997

Paul McCartney performing in the studio, 1997

Even though the Flaming Pie CD was not out until May of 1997, the recording of “Somedays” was begun much earlier on November 1st, 1995. A couple of other songs on the disc (“Calico Skies” and “Great Day”) were recorded as early as September 1992, before his previous Off The Ground CD was…well, off the ground.

The mix of “Somedays” on the sampler varys considerably from what we hear on the commercial version. The differences become most apparent in the second verse with alternate orchestration, variations in the Mellotron and, unlike the mix on the regular Flaming Pie CD, the first line of the song where Paul sings Somedays, I look, I look at you with eyes that shine is repeated at the end. Have a listen for yourself right here.


Paul McCartney - Somedays


Extra info: Flaming Pie was Paul’s most successful album in terms of sales since 1982′s Tug Of War and remained so until 2007′s Memory Almost Full.

Here are some Amazon links to read more on, or purchase, some music related to this post:

1) Flaming Pie – 1997 CD featuring finalized version of “Somedays.”

2) Wings Over America [Standard Edition] – just recently released remaster of 1976 3-LP set with bonuses and different purchase options available (deluxe, standard, CD or vinyl).

3) Memory Almost Full – 2007 big seller from Paul McCartney containing “Dance Tonight” and “Ever Present Past.”

4) Tug of War 1990 CD remaster of original 1982 stereo LP. Another big seller by Paul McCartney containing “Ebony And Ivory” w/Stevie Wonder and the catchy title song.

5) Off the Ground 1993 McCartney CD containing the title song “Off The Ground,” “Biker Like An Icon” and C’mon People.”

6) More Amazon links for any of your favorite Beatles-related music: The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

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  • Anna says:

    Wow! Never heard this version before! I like it! I’m a huge Macca fan & you are so right about trying to collect all of his released music!

  • YouKnowMyNameLookUpThe# says:

    Nat, is there a name for this particular promo CD? I have never seen or heard of this ANYWHERE!

    Love the mellotron on this though. I hadn’t even heard of this on the Oobu Juboo radio show.

    • Happy Nat says:

      It was just called “6 Song Sampler.” There was also a “3 Song Sampler” issued on cassettes (only about 30 or so made, I think) that contained “The World Tonight,” “Young Boy” and “Somedays.”

    • YouKnowMyNameLookUpThe# says:

      That had to be rare. I used to go to a great record store back in the day called Final Vinyl. He could get just about anything! He had a lot of friends in both sides of the business. As a kid he worked for a distributor and he recalls how they sat on Abbey Road for a month at the warehouse because there was a possibility of it being recalled. Did you know that? I swear I had never heard of that before he told me but he wasn’t a liar. He said he was eying up his ways to grab a box the minute they said return them. lol He was my go to guy for rare, hard to find and promotional things. Got some great Anthology posters and standees and boots from him. Ahhhhh those were the days! lol

      Anyway, if he didn’t have that CD it was very rare. I have seen complete sets of Westwood One CDs for Oobu Juboo but never that CD. I have things to trade but surely nothing you don’t already have. lol So kudos, Nat! Great find!! Thanks for posting it.

      • Happy Nat says:

        Thanks Leo! I don’t have a number for how many of these were made but very, very few and none commercially. There is a whole new world of post-breakup Beatles stuff that was only issued as promos (especially by Paul).

  • BeatleKaren says:

    Wow, Nat! What a beautiful find! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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