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#askNat – concerning uncredited musical contributions for Magical Mystery Tour & Caveman

Hello and welcome to this week’s #askNat. I’ve got a couple of questions picked out to address this week and the first one is from Frank Cavaliere in Florida who’s message is right here:

Hi Happy Nat,  

Who performs the instrumental version of “All My Loving” in the Magical Mystery Tour movie?  

Thanks again.

Very good question Frank, because it is not credited anywhere. If you look in any of the information packaged with the recently re-issued Magical Mystery Tour BluRay or DVD you won’t find it. In fact, at the time of this writing you won’t even find it on the IMDB website or Wikipedia.

This orchestrated version of “All My Loving” is heard in the film at the time when Mr. Buster Bloodvessel (played by Ivor Cutler) proclaims his love for Ringo Starr’s Aunt Jessie (played by Jessie Robins) and the two take a romantic walk down to the beach where they kiss and Buster even draws a heart in the sand around Jessie.

Aunt Jessie and Buster Bloodvessel happily in love in the Magical Mystery Tour film, 1967

Aunt Jessie and Buster Bloodvessel happily in love in the Magical Mystery Tour film, 1967

The track was actually performed by Arthur Wilkinson and his Orchestra and released on a vinyl 7-inch EP in 1965 as part of The Beatle Cracker Suite – an arrangement of 7 Beatles songs into movements of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite. A pretty innovative idea, wouldn’t you say? Specifically side 1 of the EP contained “From Me To You,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “She Loves You” and “Help!” On side 2 there’s “It’s For You” (a Lennon/McCartney composed song given to Cilla Black to record in 1964), “Ticket To Ride” and “All My Loving.”

Arthur was a British orchestral composer and arranger who began composing while serving in the Royal Air Force during World War II. He was born in 1919 and made many contributions to film, stage shows and television before his death in 1968. Besides The Beatle Cracker Suite he also arranged the original London production of the 1965 musical comedy Charlie Girl.

Although Arthur’s entire account of “All My Loving” is not included in the film, I have it here directly from the original vinyl EP (so please excuse the occasional pop or click from this nearly 50 year old record) in case you want to check it out.


Arther Wilkinson and His Orchestra - All My Loving


Original cover art for 1965 Beatle Cracker Suite by Arther Wilkinson and His Orchestra

Original cover art for 1965 Beatle Cracker Suite by Arther Wilkinson and His Orchestra



Now for that second question I mentioned. It comes from Lucio in Mexico who says:

Dear Nat,

Here’s a short one: Did Ringo sing in the Caveman main theme? I know that Lalo Schifrin scored the whole soundtrack but I kinda hear Ringo’s voice.

Thanks Nat

Yes I can knock this one out quickly Lucio.

Ringo Starr is singing (and sort of grunting) in his leading roll as Atouk the caveman in a scene from the Caveman film that depicts the invention of music. This segment from the film is used in the final 3 minutes of the “Caveman Main Theme.” This part of the song begins when one of Ringo’s/Atouk’s tribesmen blows into a gourd and gets inspired by the sound. This leads to banging on sticks and chanting to a new-found type of rhythm. Although Ringo does not actually play drums on the recording, he can be seen in the film banging sticks as he sings. Lalo Schifrin used this material from Ringo and other actors in the song. I’ve included the entire theme below but the “invention of music” sequence begins at 7:33 in case you want to skip the earlier music.


Lalo Schifrin - Caveman Main Title


Caveman Soundtrack cover art, 1981

Caveman Soundtrack cover art, 1981

Extra info:
Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr first met on the set of Caveman and married just over a year later.

Lalo Schifrin has done countless film and television scores over the years to include the well-known Mission: Impossible theme from the sixties and 1974′s Planet Of The Apes.

Thank you Lucio and Frank for two very good questions about two very weird films! If anyone has anything to add I invite you to do so in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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3) British By Arrangement – audio CD release of tracks from original EP The Beatle Cracker Suite by Arthur Wilkinson & His Orchestra and additional music by other artists.

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  • Andy says:

    “Beatle Cracker Suite” by Arthur Wilkinson and his Orchestra is another example of what time has forgotten. This should be made available in a “remastered” format as a download at least (and for purchase, of course). I would listen to this entire LP, a few times in fact. What a great #askNat!

  • Lou says:

    OK this comment has nothing to do with the music but: The love scene at the end of Magical Mystery Tour between Aunt Jessie and Mr. Bloodvessel is such a wonderful moment. There is something so cool about Paul McCartney choosing to make THIS couple the focus of MMT’s love scene. He could have gone the usual route and filmed a love scene between 2 pretty people. Instead he chooses two very unpretty people. Love can be found in all shapes and sizes.

    It’s a nice message to see in a Beatles film and it speaks well of McCartney as a person that he could appreciate that.

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