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Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “For You Blue” (live in Fort Worth, Texas, 1974)

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 6:00 am.

Welcome back for another Beatles Rarity of the Week. A few weeks back I heard from someone who told me what a great time he had in November 1974 when he caught George Harrison’s concert at the St. Louis Arena in Missouri. I told him I’d put something up from that same American tour and actually the last American tour that he would ever do in his career.

Despite a lot of extenuating circumstances and responsibilities pressuring George in 1974 (described in this earlier BROW) to include a very ill-timed bout with laryngitis, he admirably managed to finish recording his Dark Horse album, literally a couple of days before his tour kick-off at Vancouver Canada’s Pacific Coliseum on November 2nd.


George Harrison on tour, autumn 1974

George Harrison on tour, autumn 1974


The band George put together included many of the musicians that were also on the Dark Horse album, namely Robben Ford (guitar), Willie Weeks (bass), Andy Newmark (drums), Billy Preston (keyboards), Emil Richards (percussion), Tom Scott (horns), Jim Horn (saxophone), Chuck Findley (trumpet) and Jim Keltner (drums – replacing Andy beginning on Nov. 27th). There was also a host of Indian musicians led by Ravi Shankar that played 4-6 songs during the show.

For BROW I’ve rounded up a fun recording of George’s 1969 Beatles classic “For You Blue” taken for the November 22nd show at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. George modifies the lyrics to not only give a respectful nod to the great state of Texas, but also to introduce a few people in his band. Emil gives us a tubular bells solo, Robben – an extended guitar solo and Willie tops it off with a nice bit of bass. In the first verse George sings the expected line I love you more than ever – but jovially follows it up with especially those who bought the programs!

George Harrison - For You Blue


Extra info:
Emil Richards played as a session musician on Lalo Schifrin’s original theme to the sixties/seventies television series Mission: Impossible.

Robben Ford was a member of the band LA Express and has collaborated with Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell and even KISS. Musician magazine includes him in their list of the 100 greatest guitar players of the 20th Century.

Willie Weeks played bass on all of George Harrison’s solo albums from 1974′s Dark Horse through 1982′s Gone Troppo (6 albums).

Billy Preston met The Beatles in 1962 while playing organ in Little Richards band during a stint in Hamburg, Germany.

This weeks BROW was requested by Ron Glazer. Thanks for waiting, Ron!

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  • Adam says:

    Great post! Here’s hoping for a “Dark Horse Tour” kind of compilation like “Live in Japan,” although I’m sure it’s the farthest thing from the minds of those in charge. That, and a newly remastered Electronic Sound!

    • Happy Nat says:

      Electronic Sound! Yes…or maybe a ‘Zapple” box set.

      • Adam says:

        Haha. That’s a great idea, Happy Nat! The box set could contain …Life With the Lions and Electronic Sound, (in both original Stereo and new Mono mixes of course), plus the two or three discs that never got released, and as a bonus for the deluxe version, a vinyl 45 of Ringo snoring while listening to the contents.

  • Elliott Marx says:

    Poor George, his voice on this tour sounds so painful. He was a trooper though. I find all of these live ’74 tracks to be depressing and hard to listen to. Even the Dark Horse (hoarse) album is a difficult listen because of the state of his voice.

    I wanted to point out that there is no xylophone solo on this track. Emil is playing tubular bells, a somewhat similar metalophone. Tubular bells hang about 6 feet off the ground and are struck by a hammer the size of a judge’s gavel. They are pitched deep and because of their size can sound like church bells in a spire.

    • Happy Nat says:

      Ah…my research shows that Emil used a xylophone in the show and that is what my ears thought they heard. I will correct the post and thank you once again for adding that musician’s touch.

  • carol says:

    I’ve always heard that George had no voice on this tour and it was so bad. I don’t think he sounds at his greatest but it’s not horrible. First time I’ve heard an example of that tour, glad I got to hear what everyone was talking about.

  • NatashaKinky says:

    Love this song! So sad his voice is distorted due to his illness, cause he too had a great voice! RIP my lovely George!

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