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Paul & Linda McCartney’s Ram gets “Deluxe” treatment by May 2012

Although it’s subject to change at this point, I wanted to give readers and fans a “heads up” on the latest concerning Paul McCartney’s Archive Collection. The next album to get this deluxe treatment will be Ram.

As most of you know Ram was the 1971 follow up to McCartney, Paul’s first solo album. The set is currently scheduled for release on May 22, 2012 and will include a staggering 4 CDs and one DVD, as follows:


CD 1: Remaster of the complete Ram album by Paul and Linda McCartney with “Too Many People,” “3 Legs,” “Ram On (version 1),” “Dear Boy,” “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” “Smile Away,” “Heart Of The Country,” “Monkberry Moon Delight,” “Eat At Home,” “Long Haired Lady,” “Ram On (version 2),” “The Back Seat Of My Car” (originally released on LP on May 17, 1971 (US)/May 21, 1971 (UK).

CD 2 (Bonus tracks): “Another Day” (single version from Ram Sessions), “Oh Woman Oh Why” (single version from Ram Sessions), “Little Woman Love” (recorded in August 1971), “A Love For You” (Jon Kelly remix and originally a Ram out-take), “Hey Diddle” (Dixon Van Winkle remix and originally a Ram out-take), “Great Cock And Seagull Race” (Dixon Van Winkle mix originally recorded around Dec. 1971 – here a version featured on BROW here), “Rode All Night” (out-take), “Sunshine Sometime” (out-take later used on Rupert The Bear animation music)

Ram (Mono version)

CD 3: Ram (mono version): Paul made a very limited edition of the Ram album for AM (mono) radio airplay and only distributed to radio stations. The mixes are not simply fold down mixes but actually different. (e.g. “Too Many People” has a longer fade out and the backing vocals are mixed much lower – read more about mono Ram here). The track listing is the same as CD 1.


CD 4: Percy “Thrills” Thrillington: Percy “Thrills” Thrillington is an alias Paul McCartney used to put together this orchestral arrangement of all songs on the Ram LP. Orchestra arranged and conducted by Richard Hewson. Track listing is the same as CD 1 except there is no “Ram On (version 2).”. These are instrumental orchestrated versions of all tracks. Although recorded in 1971, the original Thrillington album was not released until 1977.

DVD: Video features include “Ramming,” “Heart Of The Country,” “3 Legs,” “Hey Diddle,” “Eat At Home On Tour,” a selection of “Now Hear This” jingles (these are radio promo spots for Ram).

As before, there will likely be scaled down versions of the complete set offered at a reduced price as well as a vinyl edition. As earlier Paul McCartney Archive Collection sets (Band On The Run, McCartney & McCartney II), these will be issued by Concord Music Group/Hear Music. The entire Archive Collection with a long list of additional McCartney albums is now planned to be released by 2016.

Amazon.com is already taking pre-orders for the set here.

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  • elliottmarx says:

    Ram is probably my favorite of any solo Beatles album. It is a masterwork. But, as usual, I am disappointed with the repackaging. It seems to me that Stereo and Mono could easily share a disc. If not that, then Thrillington and bonus tracks could share a disc. The DVD seems as though it may have a scant 23 minutes of data on it. It just seems exploitative to bilk fans for so many discs. Moreover, it makes even less ecological sense.Perhaps it is just me, but I would much prefer an expanded and official release of Hot Hits, Cold Cuts. Honestly, I am grateful for anything that adds to the cannon, but I have to admit that I will likely acquire this bonus material without actually opening my wallet.  

  • happynat says:

    Additionally, two digital-only bonus tracks will be available via paulmccartney.com and iTunes: 1. Eat At Home/Smile Away (Live in Groningen, 1972) 2. Uncle Albert Jam

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