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More on Side Track Sunday

Due to some technical issues, Side Track Sunday did not run on time last night, and I suspect a lot of you out there might have missed it. My apologies! So to make up for that, it is going to be rebroadcast this Wednesday at 1800 UTC (US East Coast 2pm, US West coast 11am, U.K. 7pm). In fact, to give listeners more of choice on listening time EVERY week, each Wednesday at this time, a repeat of the previous Sunday night’s show will run. Check out Fab4Radio.com for further information.

Side Track Sunday is a new program on Fab4Radio scheduled for Sunday nights where, after some inside info from yours truly, we play a Beatles-related album all the way through without interruption. Initial showtimes will be Sunday night/Monday (depending on your local time zone) at 0400 UTC. That means midnight on the U.S. East coast, 9:00 pm on the U.S. West coast, or 5:00 am in the U.K. (for more info for your time zone, click here).

The featured album for this Wednesday’s repeat show is Paul & Linda McCartney’s Ram. I should also let you know that this will not be the standard commercial release of the album, but a special edition of it, that you just might be able to hear some differences on. For more details on that, just tune in for the show at 1800 UTC.

You can listen to Fab4Radio right here on this site by simply clicking the blue play button in the lower right sidebar or by going to Fab4Radio.com. Fab4Radio is part of the Shoutcast network of streaming Internet radio stations. For more information on how you can get your own player for your mobile device, computer, or website visit Shoutcast.com and Fab4Radio.com.

Side Track Sunday logo

Amazon links for your favorite Beatles-related music: The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

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  • lennonista says:

    Listened to the show yesterday… nice way to ease into lunchtime at work! ;-) Looking forward to listening to Imagine next week… and I dig the Natman Theme!!

    • Happy Nat says:

      Thank you Cara! I’m not announcer/DJ material but I am getting a better mike to use. Hopefully that will help. The Natman Theme was done by another member of the site, Saxmeister (are you reading Mike?). He did a great job…love the blending in of Savoy Truffle horns. He did it all himself (including the Natman vocals). Thank you for noticing that he says “Natman” and not that other guy.

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