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David Bedford, author of Liddypool – Birthplace of The Beatles

David Bedford’s 2010 book Liddypool: Birthplace Of The Beatles has been gaining a lot of recent recognition and has even been dubbed the most comprehensive book on The Beatles and Liverpool ever written. The book has been hailed as such by people who should know. To name a couple, there is official Beatles biographer Hunter Davies as well as Bill Harry, a very close friend of John Lennon’s from way back in his days at art college who also was the founder of the Mersey Beat paper. The forward is by Beatles drummer Pete Best, who describes the book as totally enlightening.

March 27, 2011: David was a guest at the 2011 New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans and I had a chance to speak with him there about the book and it’s complimentary Liddypool CD and DVD (both offered separately).

Happy Nat - David Bedford
David Bedford and Happy Nat at the NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans, 2011

David Bedford and Happy Nat at the NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans, 2011

…and there’s more –

November 28, 2010: As a bonus, my friend Judith Kristen, who is a writer herself (A Date With A Beatle), interviewed David at BeatExpo 2010 in Connecticut where he speaks in more detail about the selection of tracks on the ‘Liddypool’ CD that were major influences during The forming years of The Beatles. My apologies for the ‘fuzziness’ of the recording and the background noise. Some technical problems could not be avoided, yet I didn’t think it should prevent you from hearing what David had to say.

Judith Kristen - David Bedford

For more information about David and his book, CD & DVD, go to his website at www.liddypool.com. Copies are somewhat limited, so check it out soon.

Liddypool: Birthplace Of The Beatles cover, 2010

Liddypool: Birthplace Of The Beatles, 2010

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  • lennonista says:

    This is a really great book… one of my favorite of the newer ones. I have always loved early Beatle history, and Liddypool’s photos and anecdotes provide nice insight into the pre-fab days. Another great interview, Mark!

    (I hope you really do visit this site, David… not just so I can tell you how much I enjoy your book, but because this is an awesome site!)

  • jd says:

    I see the comment above about how you hope that Dave will visit this site. i’m a friend of his. Will send him the link i nthe next day or two. promise.

    • Happy Nat says:

      Thx JD. Dave has responded to me by email about the link. It certainly is a very nice book and I wish more hardbacks would be coming out (they are very close if not already depleted) for those reading. Check Liddypool.com for availability of hardback or upcoming paperback.

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  • […] With Dave’s familiarity with Liverpool and through his reading, research and conversations with those that were a part of Beatles history over the years, he became aware of many inaccuracies in earlier Beatles biographies and wrote his own to help set the record straight. This first book, Liddypool: Birthplace Of The Beatles, was published in 2009. This book not only sets the history straight but also gives plenty of information and photographs of historically significant places in Liverpool today. There is even a Beatles tour guide of this beautiful city in the book. I had a short chat with David about this book at the New York Metro Fest For Beatles Fans in March 2011 that you can listen to here. […]

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