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Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “Cosmically Conscious” (b-side)

Posted by on April 7, 2009 at 8:03 am.

Welcome to BROW – this week’s is now available as a podcast. This past Saturday (April 4th) at Radio City Music Hall in New York, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together for the first time since November 2002, when they were guests at the Concert for George event. Saturday’s event raised 3 million dollars for the David Lynch Foundation‘s cause of teaching one million children the technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM). One of the selections Paul performed at the event with Ringo on the drum kit had never been performed on stage before. “Cosmically Conscious” was written by Paul in 1968 while The Beatles studied TM in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Many years later, in early 1992 while Paul was recording his Off The Ground CD, he completed a studio recording of this interesting song. However only a short snippet of it appeared on Off The Ground as an unlisted final track. The complete version was released as a b-side on a CD single in April 1993 but that has been out of print since the mid-90′s by which time the first (and only) pressings were bought up. In celebration of TM and the reunion of Paul and Ringo, this is the complete studio version of “Cosmically Conscious.” The track concludes with a short reprise of another Macca number called “Down To the River.” For a good description of last Saturday’s show including other performing artists and set lists, visit here.

Paul McCartney - Cosmically Conscious
Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr

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  • Happy Nat says:

    Warning: This song is a bit catchy and if you listen to it one or more times all the way through, your apt to get the joy-joy, such a joy-joy, such a joy-joy, SUCH A JOY! segment stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’ve been warned.

  • Elliott Marx says:

    I loved the diversity of B sides from the Off the Ground era. There are some real gems. This was not my favorite of those tunes, the hook seems like an inferior Yes We Can Can written by Allen Toussaint. I know Paul and Allen were buddies in the 70′s and Cosmically was written in the late 60′s. Perhaps, since it wasn’t recorded until much later, that some of that repetitive hook made it into Paul’s song.

    I love how even Paul’s lesser B sides are still masterful.

    • Happy Nat says:

      ….Such a JOOOOOYYYY!

      I’ll be traveling to Ohio with my sweety to do some concert romping until Thursday of next week or so (hey! Happy Nat must do something to remain happy every now and then), but the good news is that the BROW and other posts for next week are already in the queue. They will be shot out to the www at the normal designated times. I did think about using one of my sick days but no “high and dry” this time. Nah…the show must go on! Although the Happy Nat Macbook will probably remain at home, I’ll still be equipped with my Iphone (as I am lost without it) so I can check in on comments in between gigs and alcohol poisonings.

  • Elliott Marx says:

    Have a great time in Ohio. I have never been, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is on my list. Alcohol poisoning? Isn’t that metabolism? I’ll be starting Spring Break tomorrow – I’ll be bar tending a faculty party to kick it all off. I guess I got started tonight. Ray Davies is playing less than 20 miles away, but I’m 1.5 sheets, so I don’t think I’ll make it this time. What’s Youtube for anyway?

    Have a blast. Be safe.

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