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Beatles Rarity Of The Week – “a Get Back Sessions tag medley”

Hello again and welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. I’m Happy Nat and each week I dig up a Beatles or Beatles-related track that is not (or is no longer) a part of their currently available standard catalog. This time around my focus is on the Get Back Sessions of January 1969 when The Beatles recorded most of what we hear later on their 1970 Let It Be LP and on the 2003 stripped down re-mixed version – Let It Be…Naked.


John Lennon (L) and Paul McCartney (R) in January 1969 during the Get Back sessions. George Harrison and Yoko Ono can be seen in the background.

John Lennon (L) and Paul McCartney (R) in January 1969 during the Get Back sessions. George Harrison and Yoko Ono can be seen in the background.


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Tour dates for Spring/Summer 2014

There’s plenty of chances to see Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr in concert this spring or summer. There have been some recent updates to Paul’s tour schedule and I’ve posted the latest list of tour dates and venues below.


Ringo Starr/Paul MCCartney tours in 2014


Paul McCartney

  • April 19: Montevideo, Uruguay – Estadio Centenario
  • April 21: Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena
  • April 22: Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena
  • April 25: Lima, Peru – Estadio Nacional
  • April 28: Quito, Ecuador – Estadio de Liga
  • May 1: San José, Costa Rica – Estadio Nacional
  • May 17: Tokyo, Japan, National Stadium
  • May 18: Tokyo, Japan, National Stadium
  • May 24: Osaka, Japan, Yanmar Stadium Nigai
  • June 14: Lubbock, TX – United Spirit Arena
  • June 16: Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
  • June 19: New Orleans, LA ­ Smoothie King Center
  • June 21: Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
  • June 22: Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
  • June 25: Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
  • June 26: Louisville, KY ­ Yum! Center
  • July 5: Albany, NY ­ Times Union Center
  • July 7: Pittsburgh, PA ­ Consol Energy Center
  • July 9: Chicago, IL – United Center
  • August 7: Salt Lake City, UT – EnergySolutions Arena

Ringo Starr & The All-Starr Band (w/Steve Lukather, Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Richard Page and Gregg Bissonette)

  • June 6: Ontario, Canada
  • June 7: Canandaigua, NY
  • June 8: Williamsport, PA
  • June 10: Albany, NY
  • June 11: Westbury, NY
  • June 12: Vienna, VA
  • June 14: Wallingford, CT
  • June 15: Providence, RI
  • June 17: New York, NY
  • June 18: New York, NY
  • June 20: Red Bank, NJ
  • June 21: Atlantic City, NJ
  • June 22: Durham, NC
  • June 24: Buffalo, NY
  • June 25: Verona, NY
  • June 27: Detroit, MI
  • June 28: Chicago, IL
  • June 29: Cleveland, OH
  • July 1: Toledo, OH
  • July 2: Dayton, OH
  • July 3: Tunica, MS
  • July 5: Thackerville, OK
  • July 9: Albuquerque, NM
  • July 11: San Diego, CA
  • July 12: Santa Barbara, CA
  • July 13: San Jose, CA
  • July 15: Vancouver, BC
  • July 16: Woodenville, WA
  • July 19: Los Angeles, CA

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#askNat – concerning orchestrations from the Help! soundtrack

This week on #askNat I’m bringing up an inquiry from Leo McMichael of Blackwood, NJ concerning the instrumental tracks on the U.S. Help! soundtrack. Leo points out that several of the instrumentals heard in the actual film are not included on the soundtrack. Among others, these include Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture,” Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode To Joy” and playing over the credits, Gioachino Rossini’s “Barber of Seville.” The score music that is included on the soundtrack LP is credited to the Ken Thorne Orchestra and Leo wants to know if the other tracks heard in the film but not on the album are also Ken Thorne recordings made specifically for Help! or, if not, where would we go to find them.


Capitol Records 1965 US soundtrack edition of Help!

Capitol Records 1965 US soundtrack edition of Help!


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Anthony Robustelli publishes Definitive Guide To The Music Of The Beatles, I Want To Tell You, Volume 1: 1962/1963


Anthony Robustelli, musician and author of I Want To Tell You Vol. 1: 1962/63.

Anthony Robustelli, musician and author of I Want To Tell You Vol. 1: 1962/63.


Back in February (2014) while I was making my way around and saying hi to a few of the vendors at The Fest for Beatles Fans in New York, I was lucky enough to meet Anthony Robustelli, who was there with his first book, I Want To Tell You, Volume 1: 1962/1963. Naturally, Anthony is a big Beatles fan but, even better, he was familiar with TheBeatlesRarity.com, and also a professional musician, so, of course, I was very pleased to hear this and strike up a conversation with him. He gave me a copy of his book and after returning home, I went through it and was quite impressed.

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Beatles Rarity of the Week – “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (alternate stereo mix)

Welcome to The Beatles Rarity of the Week. On October 17, 1963, The Beatles must have been thrilled to find that they now had 4-track recording capability for the first time. No longer would they have to record all instruments live in the studio. Even though they still did it that way from time to time, the 4-track equipment would make things easier and allow them to get much more experimental with their future endeavors in the studio. The goal for the day was to get their next single recorded to follow up “She Loves You,” which was still in Britain’s top 5 on the singles chart at the time (Melody Maker).

The new single would have “I Want To Hold Your Hand” as the obvious pick for the A-side and taking full advantage of the equipment, they recorded the backing track of Paul McCartney’s bass, John Lennon’s rhythm guitar and Ringo Starr’s drums on track 1. On the second track, George Harrison added his lead guitar fills, after which John and Paul added their live vocals on to track 3. By take 17 they were perfectly happy with the results. After adding the finishing touches of handclaps and a little more bass on to track 4, they moved on to recording “This Boy” for the B-side, which was also completed that day.


The Beatles Greatest

The Beatles Greatest, released in 1965 on EMI’s Odeon label contained the first true stereo mix of I Want To Hold Your Hand to be released to the public.


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#askNat – concerning why The Beatles released so many albums

It’s time for another week’s #askNat and I have an interesting question this week that comes from Michael Mincey of Texas. He says:


While I’m grateful for The Beatles releasing so many albums, I’ve always wondered why they (and other bands) recorded so frequently.  Was it in their contracts with record companies, the artistic flow of the group, or some other factors?

I often question whether or not the Beatles were burned out from recording together. Maybe they could have taken vacations away from each other?

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I grew up at a time when bands would release one album per year, or even several years apart. What has changed?


Please Please Me With The Beatles A Hard Day's Night Beatles For Sale
Help! Rubber Soul Revolver Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles (White Album) Yellow Submarine Abbey Road Let It Be


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